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20 Scarf Styles That Will Have You Ready For Autumn

It’s that time of year again – the cold is slowly creeping in and sending those shivers down your spine. However, what better way to beat those autumn blues than to wrap up nice and snuggly with a fancy and cozy scarf. Here’s 20 scarf styles to get you going, and to give you that needed boost as we fall into autumn!

1. Bright & Colourful

There’s nothing like starting off the scarf season with something bright and colourful. While the weather may be the opposite, it’s time for you to bring some colour back into your life as this is one of the more vibrant scarf styles.

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2.  The Natural Look

For those wishing to fit the autumn theme of leaves turning brown and everything hibernating, then why not match your scarf and go with a natural colour to blend in with natures décor.

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3. Try A Snood Scarf

Scarves can be excellent when they are multi-purposeful, so to make the best of this season, go for a hoodie type of scarf – otherwise known as a ‘snood’. It will keep both your neck and ears warm. You will thank yourself for this purchase!

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4. Wear It As An Accessory

A scarf is more than to keep you warm, it’s an accessory. It matches your outfit and makes you look more fabulous which is great when looking for an excuse to add a scarf to complete your outfit.

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5. Add Some Elegance

Scarf styles that are vibrant and full of colour makes those dark and grey days a bit better. Therefore, a coloured soft touch scarf like the one below adds some elegance, brightens up your style, and can really soften your features!

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6. The Classic Style

A traditional scarf can add some beauty whilst creating a sophisticated look. The patterns blend in with the environment, and keep you warm and cosy.

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7. Be Creative

For those who want to express their artistic side and bring out their inner fashionista, then this scarf style is perfect for you. A simple scarf used to keep your head warm whilst making a bold statement is ideal for those colder days.

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8. For The Cat Lady

For those obsessed with cats this scarf is the one for you! Wrap that snuggly creature around your neck and look remarkable whilst doing it.

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9. Throw On Some Faux Fur

Faux fur is perfect for these who want to look chic without wearing the real stuff. This inexpensive look creates a graceful appearance that will have all heads turning and glancing at you!

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10. The Bandanna Scarf

You may have thought a bandanna would be the last design you’d want to wear this fall, however, its simple appearance makes for an added extra finish to any look!

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11. Knit & Warm

Knitted scarves are always a must, and the bigger the better. Whether store-bought or handmade, these scarf styles make for the perfect autumn look while keeping you warm and snuggly at the same time!

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12. Switch It Up With Some Design

Scarves don’t need to be boring, instead they can have an added design to make an impression. This scarf will keep you looking as beautiful as ever, while making any outfit go from normal and boring, to ‘BAM!’ in seconds.

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13. The Blanket Scarf

A scarf that also doubles as a blanket – these blanket scarf styles aren’t just for keeping your neck warm, they’re great to accessorize and wear as a blanket as well! Stay warm and toasty with this fun style!

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14. Try A Pashmina Scarf

A pashmina scarf has such a classy look and even softer touch. These scarfs look great in autumn as they go beautifully with an outfit, and the cultural look will be the perfect fit on a crisp autumn morning.

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15. Be Bold, Go Red

Red is a bold colour and would make anyone stand out from the crowd. If you can picture yourself strolling around a lovely park, the leaves falling and autumn surrounding you, then this red scarf is for you!

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16. So We Had Knit, Now It’s Crochet’s Turn

A crochet scarf is great for those looking for something a little different. They have a patterned look that is not only unique but is suited for all ages. Crochet is particularly great as these scarf styles are mostly available in refined colours such as beiges and pastel shades.

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17.  Add Some Ruffles To That Scarf Look

A ruffle scarf is something that may only be found on the rarest of occasions, however, it is picture-perfect for those autumn months ahead. They add a little life to not only your outfit, but to your personality.

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18. Treat Yourself With A Name-Brand

A designer scarf shows that you really are committed to fashion, especially when it comes to fall. Scarves that make an impact, like this Louis Vuitton, show off their iconic label and keep you warm!

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19. Try A Lacy Look

A lacy scarf gives an expensive look to any appearance. If you’re looking for something lacy, white is particularly a great shade! Find this style at most clothing shops this season!

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20. Keep It Classic By Wearing Grey

An oversized grey scarf is a timeless classic that blends with all outfits you may wear for the autumn months. There’s no limit on what outfits you can make with traditional scarf styles like this one!

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What are some of your favorite scarf styles? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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