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The Scarf Fashion Tips That Will Change Your Wardrobe

A scarf is perfect for all weathers. There are so many different types of scarfs for all occasions and so many ways to wear them. Scarfs have been fashionable for years and are always used in Fashion Weeks. So here is your chance to learn how to wear scarfs in so many different ways. These are some of the scarf fashion tips that are great for any occasion.

Bee French Knot

If you’re feeling fancy with your scarf, then maybe try a French knot. Firstly, fold the scarf length ways and place around your neck. Next, tuck one of the lengths through the loop. After, tuck the other length through the loop. By doing this, you should be creating a slight braided pattern. This idea works really well on patterned scarfs as you can see the knot better.

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Double Sided Twist

This effect works best if you taken two scarfs and put them together. You then fold them into one another and wrap them around as you would with a winter scarf. This way, you get a different pattern on your neck as you do hanging down. This is one of the scarf fashion tips that is great for any occasion.


Classic Winter Scarf

Of course, sometimes the simplest ways are the best. If it’s winter and you haven’t got time to be looping and folding scarfs together. Just choose your warmest, woolliest scarf and fling it round your neck. You can wear thick winter scarfs with either both lengths hanging down the front, or only one. Winter scarfs might not be as exciting to wear but are definitely much cosier.

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As a Wrap

This is the easiest and most convenient way to wear a scarf. If you’re out of a warm summer evening, you can fling a scarf around your neck, but if a chill starts you can wrap the scarf around your shoulders for a chic warm look. You can even tie one end of the scarf to itself to secure it behind you. This is one of the scarf fashion tips that is great for any occasion.

As a Sarong

Scarfs are very multifaceted and if you have a wide blanket scarf, you can wear it as a sarong.  This is a great idea if you’re on holiday at a beach, scarfs are usually very thin material so don’t make you hot but also will dry quickly if you’re straight out of the sea or pool.

Neck Knot

To create this cute neck knot, simply put the scarf around your neck as you would in the winter. This time with the two ends dangling in front of you. From here, you twist and tuck the lengths back around your neck to create a cute neck knot. This look is really nice if you’re wearing a plain high necked top or dress. The look adds a bit of glamour without needing jewellery. This is one of the scarf fashion tips that is great for any occasion.

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See Also

Classic Loop

Everyone knows the classic scarf loop. There is where you fold the scarf length ways around your neck and push the two ends through the loop. This is such a simple and sophisticated way to wear a scarf and will show off all of the patterns on the scarf. This is one of the scarf fashion tips that is great for any occasion.

The Infinity

This is such a cute look that is really easy to achieve. This look is best achieved with quite a wide scarf. The first thing you need to do is to knot two ends of the scarf tightly behind your head. Once you’ve done this, you can cross over the loop in front of you (when it’s crossed it looks like an infinity symbol). Now you just pull the lower loop over your head and have a cute infinity scarf.

Hair Scarf

If the scarf is quite small and light, you could always wear it as a hair scarf. This could be done by braiding the scarf and then tying it into your hair. Or just simply wrapping your hair in the scarf. By wrapping your hair, you get a cute 1950’s, vintage inspired look. This is one of the scarf fashion tips that is great for any occasion.

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If there are any other cute scarf fashion tips you know, then let us know in the comments below.

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