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8 Scandinavian Fashion Brands You Need In Your Life

8 Scandinavian Fashion Brands You Need In Your Life

Different styles are something that can be found all over the world. If you love fashion then you need to check out these Scandinavian fashion brands.
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In terms of style, there are certain cities that are known for being real trendsetters, the cradles of everything cool, desirable and instagram-worthy. In this list we always find Paris, Seoul, Milan, Barcelona… but there is one city that over the last few years has revolutionised the way we understand the concept of street style, Copenhagen. That’s why you need to see these Scandinavian fashion brands.

The Danish capital became the favourite of all fashionistas the moment the word “hygge” became viral. Although the word is usually translated as a mere sense of coziness and comfort, it also englobes the Danes’ way of living, which revolves around “enjoying life’s simple pleasures“. This idea of comfort and minimalism is also attached to the Danish streetstyle, which has made it so popular both on Instagram and Pinterest. Scandi it girls such as @pernilleteisbaek and @rebeccaverastahnke count with thousands of followers that rely on them to get their daily dose of Nordic inspo.

But what do you have to do to achieve this so – apparently – effortless Nordic look? We’ve got your back with our top 8 Scandinavian fashion brands you need in your life!


1. Samsøe & Samsøe

This Danish brand mirrors the essence of the buoyant and bohemian district of Nørrebro, where creative director Mia Kappelgaard is constantly looking for inspiration. In a place where the sky is grey and dull for most of the year, Samsøe & Samsøe uses bright colours such as green, yellow and light blue to bring not only comfort, but also joy with every design. This is one of the best Scandinavian fashion brands!

2. Baum Und Pferdgarten

Your perfect combination of Scandinavian passion for comfort, quirky patterns and fun colours. Rikke Baumgarent and Helle Hestehave founded the brand in 1999, with the intention of creating something that differed from the concept of fash fashion. Today, Baum Und Pferdgarten is famous for the effort and attention the founders put into every piece, which is reflected on the high quality of the textiles and the beauty of the patterns. You will be happy to know it is available on Asos.

3. Mads Nørgaard

Something Mads Nørgaard knows how to do, is to transform atemporal pieces like long flowery dresses or denim jackets into modern and irresistibly chic objects of desire. Nothing screams Nordic chic as much as Nørgaard’s designs and understanding of fashion, about which he’s said it is “meant to free you, not to overrule or control you.


4. Cecilie Copenhagen

If there is something we love more about Cecilie Copenhagen than their designs, that would be the story of how the brand was originally started. Founder Cecilie Jørgensen found herself one night with absolutely nothing in her wardrobe that she wanted to wear. Instead of complaining and ending up wearing something in which she didn’t feel comfortable or pretty, Jørgensen turned two scarves into a top and a pair of shorts, which are today her signature pieces. Her spring/summer 2015 collection sold out on the first day. You go girl.

5. House of Dagmar

Urban, just a tad eccentric and founded by three sisters, House of Dagmar is everything you’d ever imagined the Scandi style to be and more. Perfect lines and art deco-inspired patterns have elevated Dagmar to the category of “cult brand”, and the founders take pride in the relaxed vibe of their designs. Definitely one Scandinavian brand you need in your life! (Also the prices are quite reasonable in relation to quality)

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6. Gestuz

Imagine a very feminine English young lady from a Victorian novel, who just came back from a long trip to Paris. Now add a lot of Nordic attitude and minimalistic and pragmatic vibes. The result? Danish brand Gestuz, founded in 2008 by Sanne Sehested Nielsen. Also available on Asos!

7. Henrik Vibskov

Henrik Vibskov graduated from Central St Martins in 2001, and his obsession with colour hasn’t diminished a bit ever since. His brand is proof of this. Chaotic and playful, Vibskov’s designs have captivated celebrities such as FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson.

8. Ganni

The je ne sais quoi from Paris and the laid back cool from Copenhagen meet and fuse perfectly in the designs of Ganni. From leopard-printed raincoats, to funny tees and long silk skirts, Ganni has everything to become your new favourite fashion brand.

What other brands do you think reflect the Nordic chic trend? Let us know about your favourite Scandinavian fashion brands on the comments below!
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