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These Are The Scam Dating Sites You Should Stay Away From

These Are The Scam Dating Sites You Should Stay Away From

Find out which scam dating sites you should stay away from. Know which dating sites will make you lose your time by reading our articles.

Online dating is a great thing to come out of the 21st Century. It’s easier than ever to meet someone you like, and you can look for that special someone literally anywhere, whether that’s in bed, on your commute or having a cheeky look when you’re out with friends. Unfortunately, online dating also opens up the possibility for scams, meaning whilst you may be looking for love, the owners of these sites are looking to rip you off. Here are the scam dating sites you should stay away from.

1. Once – Quality Dating

Once is an app that supposedly brings you quality matches every day by giving you matches every day at noon that are specifically selected for you based on the criteria that you give the site, and then you have 24 hours to decide if you’d like to start chatting to any of your matches. This is supposed to make online dating easier, as you do not have to swipe to get any matches. However, the amount of 1-2 star reviews that this app has received implies this is not the case. According to one reviewer, you are required to pay £8 to start a chat with anyone, and other reviewers noted that the app was telling them they had matches when they didn’t and was using fake profiles to do so, or was matching them with people way outside of their location boundaries that they had set. The app does seem to be a scam dating site made to make money, so avoid it if you want to find a match.

2. Hook UP Dating – HUD App

This app advertises itself by saying ‘Join The Hookup Culture!’, boasts about its three million users and the fact that you can sign up anonymously, which makes this app seem like something used by people either looking for a quick fling rather than everlasting love, however it does also say that you can date and fall in love, so maybe you can do both. The app itself has many bad reviews, with people saying that they have to pay to talk to matches, and that their matches were clearly fake once they tried to talk to them. In addition, the app apparently frequently crashes and stops working for days on end with little to no fixes coming from the app developers. So, unless you just want to scroll through people’s pictures and not talk  to them, do not download this app. This is another scam dating site to avoid as it has clearly been made just to make money off unsuspecting people looking to date.

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3. MyCoupleSearch – Dating App

This app claims that you can ‘Chat, Flirt and Meet Your Soulmate’, browse through the profiles of their 15 million users and even join group chats with other members, but the reviews say otherwise. They have a 1.8/5 rating on the App Store, which should tell you everything you need to know about the legitimacy of the app. This is one of the scam dating sites that seems to work by spamming the user with lots of messages from very attractive but unfortunately fake profiles. It then asks them to subscribe to premium membership if they want to speak to these profiles. This is very similar to the two other apps and is a total scam, which is very easy for app developers to do. These simply create  fake profiles and entice unknowing customers into paying. Another app to scroll past if you’re looking to avoid scam dating sites.

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