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10 Sandwich Fillings Good For Any Occasion

10 Sandwich Fillings Good For Any Occasion

10 Sandwich Fillings Good For Any Occasion

Sandwiches are a pure classic. Are you tired of having the same fillings in your sandwich on a constant basis? Do you need some inspiration to make sandwiches seem fresh and new again? Here are 10 sandwich fillings good for any occasion. These will impress yourself when you’re on your lunch break, to friends at your next party, and to family at your next lunch.

Before we get onto great sandwich fillings. To elevate your sandwich, it must be said pairing these sandwich fillings with good quality bread makes the sandwich much more delicious. You can buy these types of bread from your local bakery. From a baguette, to Turkish bread, sourdough bread and bagels. The options at a local bakery are endless.

1. Ham and Cheese

Ham and cheese is the ultimate classic sandwich fillings combination. It always goes down a treat. Some may say ham and cheese is a boring and outdated combination. The way to reinvent this sandwich is to buy these fillings at your local delicatessen.


2. Roasted Vegetables

When roasting vegetables, the taste of the vegetables change. This option is perfect for vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. A great combination of roasted vegetables is capsicum, eggplant and sweet potato. It is sweet, salty and delicious!

3. Roast Lamb

Roast lamb sandwich fillings is fulfilling and tasty at the same time. With the added spread of mustard or tzatziki, this combination will make you feel like you’re on a relaxing holding on the Greek Islands. And who wouldn’t want that?

4. Prosciutto and Brie

Prosciutto and brie sandwich filling pairs saltiness with creaminess. The simplicity of having only two fillings in your sandwich will impress everyone. Eating these sandwich fillings in a baguette will make you feel like you’re living the Parisienne life.


5. Toasted Ham, Cheese and Tomato

This list would not be complete without a toasted sandwich, and the ultimate classic toasted sandwich fillings. Ham, cheese and tomato will impress on every occasion. It combines melted cheese, with sweet, salty and fresh.

6. Falafel

A great choice for vegetarians. Falafels give a distinct crunch element. Made from predominately from chickpeas, falafels are even great for something different for non-vegetarians. Paired with a dip such as tzatziki or hummus, makes for an explosion of flavours. A bonus is falafels are easy and quick to make at home.

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7. Chicken and Pesto

Chicken and pesto sandwich fillings may be not sandwich fillings that come straight to mind. But, it is delicious. The chicken provides a fulfilling aspect. The pesto gives the flavour with the rich number of herbs. Another great option is to have chicken and pesto in a toasted sandwich.

8. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

Another classic sandwich fillings combination. Smoked salmon and cream cheese will be a big hit on every occasion. The saltiness and freshness of the smoked salmon cut through the creaminess of the cream cheese. Adding capers makes the sandwich even better.

9. Nutella (or chocolate spread)

This list would not be complete without some sweet options. Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread. Nutella with fruit such as strawberries or banana is a perfect sweet sandwich fillings choice. But, by itself, it is also very delicious.


10. Peanut Butter and Banana

Another sweet option, peanut butter and banana is a great choice. You may even feel like you’re choosing a healthy option because of the banana. This sandwich filling combination is tasty and satisfying.

For any occasion, any of these sandwich fillings are a great option. These will impress and make you want more. Let us know whether you try any of these sandwich fillings!

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