8 Salad Dressing Recipes You Can Make At Home

Salads are a healthy and nutritious food option, and a great crowd pleaser, but sometimes it can get boring eating the same old salad with the same old vegetables. But there is something you can do to liven up a simple salad: a delicious salad dressing. Here are eight salad dressing recipes you can make at home.

1: Honey Mustard

One of my favourite salad dressing recipes, this dressing is versatile and can be used in a lot of salads. The combination of the tangy mustard and the sweet honey is a match made in heaven. You can also use this salad dressing recipe for marinating meat, especially chicken.

For the recipe, check Wholefully (though this recipe uses Dijon mustard, you can also use wholegrain mustard).

2: Balsamic Vinaigrette

Another favourite of mine, this salad dressing recipe is a classic. Sweet but versatile, this dressing can liven up a simple garden salad, or can be used in a bean salad. Furthermore, you can create different variations of this salad dressing recipe, for example a honey balsamic vinaigrette or a blueberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Check out Damn Delicious for the recipe.

8 Salad Dressing Recipes You Can Make At Home

3: Blue Cheese Dressing

This salad dressing recipe is more on the creamy side, but you can use it to create a funkier version of the Caesar salad or a BLT salad.

For the recipe, check out Foodie Crush.

4: Green Goddess Dressing

Named for the use of avocado and basil leaves, this creamy salad dressing recipe is sure to liven up any salad. What’s even more special about this recipe is that it is completely vegan, dairy and egg free. Perfect for any vegan or person with dairy intolerance!

Go to The Real Food Dietitians for this recipe.

5: Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing

This salad dressing recipe is tangy and not only is great for any salad, including a kale salad, you can also use it as a marinade for chicken. If the recipe is too tart for you, you can add in some honey to sweeten the dressing.

For the recipe, check out Eating Bird Food.

8 Salad Dressing Recipes You Can Make At Home

6: Tangy Mango Dressing

This salad dressing recipe is a great accompaniment to a chicken salad. With the cumin and coriander, the dressing has a kick to it, which makes it a perfect winter dressing, but still maintains its freshness with the lime juice and mango. You can also use frozen mango instead of fresh mango in this salad dressing recipe.

Check out Well Plated for the recipe.

7: Basil Pesto Vinaigerette

Filled with flavour, this salad dressing recipe is perfect for those warm summer days. Inspired by the classic basil pesto and packed with bold and fresh flavours from the basil leaves and lemon juice, this salad dressing recipe is great with green salads and be used in a pasta salad as well. For a real taste of summer, you can pair this salad dressing recipe with peaches or nectarines.

For the recipe, check out Cookie and Kate.

8 Salad Dressing Recipes You Can Make At Home

8: Creamy Catalina Dressing

This salad dressing recipe will sure spice up your life. With the flavours of paprika and Worcestershire sauce, this recipe is paired superbly with a taco salad, and can also be used as a dip or as a marinade. Moreover, you can adjust the salt and spice to how you like it, so even those who aren’t fond of hot and spicy can enjoy this salad dressing recipe. One taste and you’ll be dancing the flamenco!

Go on A Spicy Perspective for the recipe.

Do you have any salad dressing recipes that you love making? Share with us in the comments!

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