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10 Sad Films To Watch On Your Next Rainy Day In

10 Sad Films To Watch On Your Next Rainy Day In

Here are sad films to watch on your next rainy day in by yourself or with friends. These movies will hit you right in the feels.
Rainy days leave no one in a good mood, it’s the perfect time to curl up in bed and pull up your Netflix queue. We all have those down days where we don’t want to get out of bed, and our emotions are swinging low. So when you have one of those days, it’s okay to hide away from everyone and take to your bed with some good movies. Who doesn’t love to watch some sad films when you’re already feeling sad? Here are my top ten recommendations for the best sad films to watch the next time you hit your rainy day.

1. Titanic

This epic timeless classic has got to be the top of the list. Elegant, classic, and absolutely heart breaking, this movie is sure to turn your water works on to max no matter how many times you’ve watched it before. The heartbreaking love story, the devastating ending, and the lovable characters makes this an unforgettable one that is sure to tug at your heartstrings and make your cry out all your cathartic tears and leave you feeling a little bit lighter. Revisit this sensational romance classic to feel the wave of an epic love story to brighten your rainy day a little bit with these sad films to watch.

2. A Beautiful Mind

This ole time classic takes you on an intense emotional roller coaster. Through ups and downs, mental illness, falling in love, and academic breakthroughs, this beautiful tale about a genius is sure to make those tears fall. Definitely a great choice for your next rainy day, this movie’s heartwarming ending is sure to tie all those messy emotions you are feeling into a neat little bow and lighten you up just a little. The intense tale revolving around a maths genius and mental illness probes the depth and width of love and intelligence.

3. Romeo and Juliet

This age old literary classic of sad films to watch is given new life in this movie as a new style is breathed into this Shakespearean play. The epic tale of star crossed lovers that meet a their tragic end melded with motorcycles gangs and Hawaiian shirts creates the modern Romeo and Juliet. But worry not, the modernity does not interfere at all with the tragic nature of the play that will surely have you crying your tears dry. Everyone’s a little bit of a sucker for Romeo and Juliet deep in their hearts, and this is why its the perfect movie to watch on your next rainy day.

4. Ice Castle

This lesser known movie is no less a tear tugger than other sad films that pop into your head. This beautiful tale of a striving figure skater that meets her demise is then rescued by the patience and faith of a lover. This heart wrenching movie is epic, with the perfect ups and downs to trigger your tear ducts. With characters that you invest deeply in, you’ll be able to feel each change in the movie as if it were yourself. Pick this one up if you are looking for a good cry and a beautiful ending that will hopefully brighten your rainy day a little bit.

5. Life Is Beautiful

All movies made about the holocaust have the tendency to break our hearts into a billion little pieces in sad films to watch, and make us cry until we have no more tears. Life Is Beautiful is no exception. Rich with the heartbreaking details of holocaust victims, this movie also focuses on the sheer power of parenthood, and parents’ unconditional love for their children. For a movie that will definitely make you feel both heavy and light at the same time, this devastating one is a great pick for your next rainy day.

6. The Last Song

Nicholas Sparks is always bashed for writing cheesy predictable romance stories that are eventually turned into flicks. But there is no questioning that a lot of them definitely do a great job of touching your heart. The Last Song’s parental conflict is has definitely tapped into something that we all find relatable on some level. The ultimate resolution and tragic ending is a huge tear jerker, so if you are looking for some catharsis, this is the one for you. One that is the perfect balance of heavy and heartwarming, this one is great for a rainy day.

7. Marley and Me

This movie is for all those dog lovers out there that see their pet as part of their family. Rich with homeliness and familial love, this movie’s ending is definitely a tear trigger. Perfectly capturing the life of a couple’s growth with their dog Marley, the warmth of this movie is sure to brighten up your rainy day just a little bit.

8. Ten Things I Hate About You

This tear-triggering rom com has become a classic for its iconic lines, and young Heath Ledger’s role as the outcast. Capturing the struggles of a teenager who’s suffered loss, superficial judgement, and living with an overbearing parent. This movie is funny, touching, and heartwarming all rolled into one. Who doesn’t love a touching teenage love story? This movie’s ending is sweet and tear-triggering, and definitely one that will be a companion to your next rainy day.

9. Love, Simon

This modern coming of age movie dedicates its focus on a sensitive topic that is just beginning to open up: the love life of the LGBTQ+ minority. The movie follows the story of a gay teenage boy that is funny, quirky, and lovable, who is determined to find the love that he deserves, just like everyone else. For a touching and heartwarming story, this movie is definitely one that will keep you warm from deep inside on your next rain day. For a movie that will brighten your outlook on the miserable world a little, this is the pick for you.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness

A biographical movie based on the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner, the plot focuses on his one year struggle with being a homeless salesman. The heart wrenching struggles that paint a realistic picture of the world, and unconditional fatherly love makes this movie one that will make you reach for a box of tissues. For your next rainy day, this sad film could be the one for you.

What are some of your favorite sad films to watch on rainy days? let us know in the comments below!

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