5 Easy Running Routes In St. Andrews To Go And Try Out

Now that it’s finally warm out, it’s the perfect time to go out and get fit. If you’ve recently taken up running or want an excuse to start, here are some easy running routes in St Andrews that you should go and try out. All of these will cater to beginners, and are all around 5km or less. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about dodging tourists or other students on these running routes in St. Andrews!

1. Canongate – 5km

This is an easy, scenic 5k run that is perfect for a jog in the warm weather. This run is great to go on in the spring and summer, as you’ll be able to see all the trees in full bloom. Simply start on Argyle road (the corner of the street after Whey Pat) and run all the way past Hepburn Gardens. Finish your run by running through Lade Braes for a truly beautiful sight for running routes in St. Andrews.

2. Lade Braes 2-4km

Depending on where you start on Lade Braes, you can have an easy 2km run or stretch it out to 4km. Start by the stoplights just after the shell garage and simply run in a straight line. You can turn back around once you see the bridge at the end of the stream, or keep going past Hallow Hill until you reach Bogward Road, then turn back around on these running routes in St. Andrews.

3. West Sands – 5km

Take a cue from Chariots of Fire and run along West Sands. If you start by the golf course and keep running onto the beach, you can easily make 5km. In fact, if you run all the way to the end of West Sands you can stretch your run to 9km and really challenge yourself on these running routes in St. Andrews.

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4. Largo Road Dash – 3.5km

Start at the top of Bridge Street (where Whey Pat is) and keep running in the direction of Morrison’s. Turn on Lamond drive and keep running until you reach East Sands, where you can run all the way down the path until you finish the run. Although this run is quite short, there are a lot of uphill bits. This run finishes just at the top of South Street, so you can reward yourself with a gelato if you wish.

5. The Scores – 4km

There’s not actually that many people on the scores, and it makes for an amazing view. Simply run up the scores until you reach the East Sands path. Or, if you want to stay near roads, you can continue down the A917 and turn around. This is great if you want to do a little bit of people watching without having to dodge tons of crowds.

Which of these easy running routes in St. Andrews will you try? Let us know in the comments!

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