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10 Rum Cocktails You’ll Love

10 Rum Cocktails You’ll Love

10 Rum Cocktails You'll Love

There are so many rum cocktails you can enjoy either by making them at home or ordering at a bar. You’ll love these 10 rum cocktails so much that you might end up having your own home bar.

Rum is such a delicious versatile spirit. I mean it was the pirate’s favorite drink! Cant it get cooler than that?! It’s time to relax and take a trip to the tropics with these rum cocktails.

1. Kiwi Mojito

Nothing can go possibly wrong when you order a mojito. It’s always the fresh touch of the mint and soda combined with the rum that gives you a good Caribbean vibe.


This fizzy kiwi mojito is no exception! The sweet and sour taste and the juicy kiwis will get you started for the hot spring-summer season, plus is really easy to make. You can play around by having it frozen, classic or turn them into popsicles.

2. Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is a timeless classic cocktail, it was actually John F. Kennedy’s and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. The strawberry daiquiri is one of the most popular rum cocktails, therefore it deserves to have a special place in your cocktail list.

The intense fruit flavor of the ripe strawberries mixed with the citrus will make you fall in love. How about inviting some friends over and surprising them with this delicious drink?


3. Rum Old Fashioned

A twist from the whiskey classic, which has been served since mid-1800’s, this rum cocktail will get you feeling like the star of a James Bond movie. Ideal to celebrate a special occasion or for a fancy night shared with friends.

You will enjoy bitter, sweet and fruit flavors where aged rum plays the main role. Be careful though! This cocktail is not light at all, so if you are looking for “a kick” this cocktail will give it to you.

4. The Painkiller

If you like coconut on a drink, this popular tiki cocktail has the right combination of fruits for you to enjoy at the beach or swimming pool.


Just like other rum cocktails, the history of this one is quite funny. It was created in the British Virgin Islands around 1970, where patrons had to swim to the shore since there was no dock, so they would get soaking wet and entered just like that to the bar where this famous cocktail was created.

5. El Presidente

This cocktail was created in 1930 in Cuba, during the American prohibition. It is said that it was named like that after a Cuban President during that time who gave the Pan Am airlines permission to fly the Florida-Havana route.

The ingredients in the famous cocktails are white rum, vermouth, Grand Marnier and grenadine.


6. Negroni

Looking for an apéritif before dinner? Well, this cocktail is a winner! The main ingredients here are rum (instead of gin) and Campari.

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This cocktail is very sophisticated and your palate will enjoy it if you like a bittersweet taste on your drinks.


7.  Passion Fruit Mojito

Give another twist to the delicious classic mojito! Passionfruit is such a yummy tropical fruit, why not make the best out of it? Like a mojito…

The rum in this cocktail will add the sweetness balance to the tart passion fruit.

8. Blue Hawaiian

You must write this one into you rum cocktails list! It’s a mix of rum, coconut, pineapple and a touch of blue curaçao to give it that beachy vibe.


9. Spice 75

Want to give it a fancy twist? This cocktail is a similar version to the french 75. It involves a mix of rum and champagne, allspice and lime juice to enjoy on a Sunday brunch.

10. Between The Sheets

This sexy cocktail is a lovely mix of rum and brandy enhanced with triple sec and lime juice. It is believed it was created around the 1920s at a bar in Paris.

This spirit is definitely the life of any party. The sweet and spicy balance in it allows making the most delicious rum cocktails you have ever tried.
Which one of these is your favorite rum cocktail? Tell us in the comments below!
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