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Royal Marriage Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow

Royal Marriage Rules Meghan Markle Has To Follow

Here is a list of royal marriage rules that Meghan Markle is required to follow as royalty. Some of them are pretty crazy so check them out!

Former Suits actress Meghan Markle has undergone an incredible transformation over the past few weeks. Now bearing the royal title of Duchess of Sussex, she has become part of the British Royal Family and will have to learn to play by their rules. All members have a strict code to follow and have multiple restrictions imposed on them. We have taken a look at the 10 most-featured royal marriage rules that Meghan Markle has to abide by to determine whether marrying a prince is actually worth it!


1. No more selfies

This must be quite devastating for someone as popular as Meghan, whose successful career as an actress has attracted lots of attention. Her former connection with her fans may have to be completely severed, but at least they can binge watch all of their favourite episodes of Suits to honour the memory of the old Meghan.

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2. No more social media

It just keeps getting worse! Meghan is no longer allowed to have any social media accounts because all of her online activity will come under the official Royal Family accounts. This definitely sounds like a tough challenge but it’s probably still worth being married to a prince, am I right?

3. No more autographs

Okay, we get it – no more acting as a famous person. It appears that Meghan will have to abandon all of her old habits in order to blend in with the Royals. This rule does, however, make sense – it’s supposed to prevent anyone from attempting to forge the Duchess’s signature and use it for malicious gain. After all, the personal safety of the Royal Family members is incredibly important.

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

4. No going out alone

Riding on the theme of safety, this restriction also seems reasonable. Considering the important positions of authority that a lot of the Royals occupy, the safety of every individual member is crucial. Still, I can’t imagine having multiple buff bodyguards following me around everywhere I go!

5. No more shellfish

There’s no denying that this is one of the oddest royal marriage rules. The Royals have been disregarding shellfish for generations as a means of avoiding food poisoning. For some reason these particular sea creatures have been singled out as the most dangerous food that should never be consumed. I don’t know about Meghan, but I can’t live without my prawn stir-fry!

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

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6. No more wedge shoes

Believe it or not, but the Queen really dislikes wedge shoes! It’s true that the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted  cheekily breaking this Royal rule a number of times, but she’s never done it in front of the Queen. We don’t suppose that Meghan will be the first to try that, either. But hey, maybe this may not be one of the worst royal marriage rules, wedge shoes can hurt!

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

7. No voting

They may seem bizarre at first but it all comes together when we think about the previous rules that don’t allow Meghan to express any of her personal opinions in public. The Royal Family is supposed to appear neutral and not favour any particular political cause.

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

8. No more excessive makeup

This is a hard one! As a Royal, Meghan will have to ditch all bright and dark nail colours, as well as any particularly showy makeup. Everything will have to look au naturel from now on. Still, I’m sure that Meghan’s going to look great either way!

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

9. No going to bed before the Queen

Whenever Meghan finds herself in the same house as the Queen, she is obliged to wait for Elizabeth II to go to bed first before hitting the hay herself. Luckily, I don’t think that the Queen is a fan of all-nighters, so Meghan should be able to get plenty of sleep.

10. No more miniskirts

Yet another irritating fashion rule! Not only does the Queen dislike wedge shoes, but she also can’t stand miniskirts. Whenever she goes out on official business, Meghan will have to wear clothes that are no higher than one or two inches above the knee. No more showing off those legs!

These are some of the royal marriage rules Meghan Markle must follow!

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What do you think of these royal marriage rules? Let us know in the comments below!

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