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8 Rosehip Oil Benefits For Face Brightening

8 Rosehip Oil Benefits For Face Brightening

If you're wondering about what Rosehip oil benefits there are for the skin, there is so many. These are the uses it has for brightening, and how it helps your face overall!

The hype around rosehip oil for the face has lasted too long for us to be able to ignore it and pass it off as just another Instagram beauty trend. But for skincare newbies, or those who have perfected their daily routine, adding another product can be daunting. So, what are the rosehip oil benefits? We’re here to tell you.

1. Moisturising

Rosehip oil basically has all the ingredients of your regular moisturiser, minus the bad bits. The amount of chemicals we smack onto our face in the name of beauty is beyond ridiculous, and now we have the option to leave some behind. Swap out your old moisturizing cream and transfer in the oil. Your skin will love you for it.

2. Evens out skin tone

If you find that your skin seems to be a different colour in every corner, the rosehip oil benefits do the job of fixing that. Red blotches will be a distant memory if you use it every morning and night on damp skin, and you might even be able to remove all those blue and red concealers from your makeup bag.


3. Firms skin

If there are parts of your face that you think are sagging and you’re not happy about it, rosehip oil will do the trick. It brings back the elasticity that your skin might have lost and will have you looking younger and fresher in no time.

4. Exfoliates skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin and haven’t found the micro-scrub for you yet, don’t worry, rosehip oil has got you covered. Dead skin and resulting clogged pores can be solved all with this natural solution. Will there be anything left of your skincare routine?

5. Fades scars

Scars that have come from accidents, acne or stretch marks can be substantially faded by using this treatment because of all the fab ingredients inside of it. Not only does it prevent damages- it reverses what has already been done, just in case you’re not a fan of your own scars.


6. Pollution protection

Rosehip oil is so rich in anti-oxidants that it can combat oxidative damage from all the pollutants you’re faced with every time you leave the house. It also reinforces your skin barriers, preventing future damage even when you’re not blathered in your new favourite product.

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7. Soothes sunburn

Okay, there’s not much chance of this in the UK, but if you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday anytime soon, invest in some rosehip oil. Applying it to sunburn will immediately sooth any pain it gives you. It will also speed up the healing process and reduce inflammation- so the whole holiday won’t be ruined.


8. Brightening skin

Lastly, the reason why most people buy rosehip oil. Bright skin and a natural glow. The product is a saviour to duller complexions and is especially needed when it’s that bit colder.

Need we say more?

What do you think of these rosehip oil benefits? Let us know in the comment section below!

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