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10 Romantic Ideas To Really Surprise Your Partner

10 Romantic Ideas To Really Surprise Your Partner

10 Romantic Ideas To Really Surprise Your Partner

I just love surprises, be it giving one or receiving one, it just makes you feel that you are being loved and cared for, isn’t it? When in love we always try to give our loved ones cute surprises to make them feel special, so they know how much they mean to us. It can be a daunting task at times to decide how to surprise your partner, to help solve that read on for 10 romantic ideas to really surprise your partner.

1.  Write a Cute Romantic Letter

It might sound old fashioned but it always wins hearts. I think a romantic letter is perfect to express your love to your partner rather than just getting a card. It adds a lovely personal touch and emotion. You can keep this letter under the pillow or in their office bag or just post it to their address, any of these creative ideas would be a pleasant surprise to them.

2. Plan a Weekend Getaway

Who would not love that, just the two of you away for the weekend to spend some quality romantic time together? It gives you a chance to talk about stuff you want to like what is the next step in the relationship or if you want to plan about starting a family or if you are already parents then you can discuss your finances, schools, etc. Weekend getaways are great if both of you love traveling, visiting new places and trying new cuisines!


3. Cook a Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Well if you want to surprise your partner, then cooking their favorite meal is definitely the way to go. This is a tried and tested method and always works. I would surprise my husband with his favorite food now and again and he would always be happy and excited. You just need to set the table and mood right and you are all set!

4. A Romantic Bath

This is a very cute and romantic idea, you can use your partner’s favorite bath bombs, throw in some petals, play some lovely mellow music and keep a bottle of champagne or wine ready. It seems very Hollywood doesn’t it? But I am sure every partner would love to be pampered and experience this romantic moment.

5. Send Gifts

Surprise your partner with something they always wanted to buy but never got around buying it. They would be absolutely ecstatic and know that you really care for their needs. The gifts need not be expensive, it is the thought that really matters. So gift something that you know they need!


6. Send Flowers and Chocolates

Sending flowers and chocolates may sound like one of the old school romantic ideas but trust me it is effective and hence this tradition is still carried out. Do not just wait for Valentine’s Day to express your love and feelings. Surprise your partner at work or home with their favorite flowers and chocolates!

7. Surprise Them At Work

Surprise your partner with lunch during their break time whenever possible, or just send a card or flowers to them at work. You can also surprise them by picking them up from work, which is lovely as you would get more time to spend together.

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8. Make a Photo Album

Make a cute photo album or collage with some of your favorite pictures and moments together. You can add a little story behind each of those pictures and make it really personal and sentimental. You can place the pictures in time order from when you first met till date and it would be lovely to how you’ll have grown older and fonder of each other over time.

9. Dedicate a Song

If you’ll love going for karaoke together, then it is an absolutely romantic way to confess your love to your partner. You can also dedicate your partner’s favorite song or your couple song on their favorite radio station.

10. Send Cute Text Messages

Surprise your partner by sending short cute, romantic text messages while having a busy day, just to let them know that you are thinking of them. My husband still sends me romantic text messages during the day and I just adore and love it!


What are your favorite romantic ideas to surprise your partner? Which of these romantic ideas would you try? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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