10 Romantic Date Ideas To Do For The One

If you have been lucky enough to find “The One” you know that they are far too special to just ‘Netflix and Chill’ with. There are so many more things to do with someone you connect with on such a spiritual level. Here are 10 romantic date ideas to do when you find “The One.”

1. Holiday

A weekend away somewhere different or exotic. Stay in the UK or go abroad (Make sure you have access to their passport if it’s a surprise). You can spend the next 48hrs with just each other’s company, no home distractions to take you away from one another!

2. Concert

Take them to see their favourite band. There is no better feeling than seeing the face of the one you love when they truly let go and experience pure joy. You can also get extra brownie points if you are one of those people that can get the attention of the band for a shout out to your partner mid-way through the show.

3. Home-cooked meal

Even if you can’t cook, this can be a great option. Find something easy but impressive (like steak or fish). Set up the dining table with a proper tablecloth, water glasses, and candles. For after, set up a fluffy blanket in front of the TV with chocolate, strawberries, and a bottle one for the perfect end to the evening.

4. Aquarium

Spend an afternoon staring at a gorgeous 30ft wall of fish with the one you love and tell me you aren’t even more in love. The calming influence of watching the fish swim by in the atmospheric lighting is a great romantic setting.

5. Dancing

Not clubbing, actual dancing. A lot of towns have dances, they are typically attended by the older generation, but that just makes it more fun. Learn to waltz with an older couple who fell in love doing that same dance fifty years prior.

6. Crafting

Take a pottery class, it probably won’t be as racy as the Ghost scene, but it can still be really fun. Another great craft is to buy cheap white t-shirts and fabric paint to decorate a shirt for your other half. Get creative: doodle inside jokes on the backs, write how much they love you on the front, use a colour you know would annoy them, the sky is the limit!

7. Drive

Fill up with petrol and drive until you find somewhere new to explore. Plan a good playlist to blast and sing along on the way, talk to each other, play car games. Have your own mini adventure. Make sure you have a GPS to get home though! There are tons of romantic date ideas!

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8. Disposable cameras

Spend a day going to all of your favourite places and take selfies with a disposable camera. The photos will probably be awful but that doesn’t matter because they will be genuine without the option to retake 100 more to look perfect. Have one each and make it a competition to see who can take the best pictures!

9. Get Lost

Find a local maze and get lost for a few hours. Take a picnic with you and spend the day walking around trying to find the middle.

10. Extreme movie marathon

Buy snacks, order food, and get started on your favourite movie franchise. Try to make it all the way through, whether it’s the four hunger games films or the eighteen films of the MCU. To make it more fun the first one to fall asleep/give up could do a forfeit like cooking dinner or giving the winner a massage!

What do you think of these romantic date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
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