10 Romance Movies With The Best Sex Scenes

If you're feeling amorous and sex driven, you need to watch these movies with the best sex scenes! These steamy scenes will make you want to plan for a hot date this weekend and throw on some lace lingerie.

Romantic movies are great and what makes them even sexier are the sex scenes. It’s that moment when the two characters come together and break into their new relationship boundaries. They can be sexy, exciting, comical, or even slow and passionate. Here are 10 romance movies with the best sex scenes, whether it may be an affair or not. Warning! If you haven’t the seen the following movies then do go and watch beforehand as they contain a lot of spoilers.

1. Dirty Dancing

The iconic lines such as, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner”, and the exotic dance scenes of the 80’s definitely makes one of the top movies with the best sex scenes. This is the summer that transformed the main character, Baby from a girl into a woman. Patrick Swayze, the heartthrob of the 80’s-90’s, brought to life one of the best sexual encounters from the movie Dirty Dancing. Erotic tension and groovy music brings to the scene of Baby and Johnny to their awaited romantic embrace. The song “Cry to me” by Solomon Burke echoes in the background which makes it enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. This is the most beloved and romantic slow scene, where Baby and Johnny make love together and finally admit their feelings for one another.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

2. The Longest Ride

A classic Nicholas Sparks novel, once again in the form of an eloquent movie may bring tears or sparks to your eyes. The saucy sex scenes between characters, Luke and Sophia show their love has developed between a country cowboy and an artistic city girl. This story line becomes one of the most heartbreaking, yet filled with passionate scenes, ever. Sophia falls into a lake whilst visiting Luke and dries off in his home which leads to an intimate steamy scene. She then discovers her true feelings for Luke, played by the saucy Scott Eastwood, who does not disappoint in the department of chiseled abs. His sparkling smile makes it a saucy sex scene that brings to light of sexy cowboys that every girl fantasizes about.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

3. Titanic

Millions of people went to see this epic film in theaters, which featured a young Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who played Rose and Jack. This particular romantic sex scene is still talked about 20 years later. The iconic car scene, where the rich helpless girl and the poor city slacker make passionate love in the back of a car seat, makes every female blush. Rose’s hand slowly caresses and slides down the car window leaving a mark, as forbidden lovers. This hot and steamy affair is then followed by the ship hitting the inevitable ice berg, and destroys their hopes of a future together. This rebellious love affair definitely makes it one of the best movies with the best sex scenes!

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

4. P.S. I Love You

The beginning of the story is about instant heartbreak and loss. Holly’s husband, played by the sexy Gerald Butler dies. However, “P.S. I Love You” doesn’t always disappoint throughout the movie or leave viewers heartbroken. His grieving widow is sent messages from beyond the grave as a final goodbye. She ends up in his home in Ireland, eventually meets his former band mate and childhood friend, William, played by the sexy Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The pair hit it off getting drunk and having a great time together. The scene leads to a night of intense passion. A peak at William’s sexy body is enough to make anyone swoon and become giddy with excitement.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

5. The Diary Of A Teenage Girl

This plot is a bit more controversial in today’s world because it involves an underage girl who is fifteen, involved her mother’s boyfriend. This movie actually has a deeper meaning than about the risky sex involved. Teenage girl, Minnie is living in San Francisco during the 70’s. While dealing with her own self confidence, she begins a torrid sexual affair with her mother’s boyfriend, Monroe. The chemistry between these two actors on-screen is great. Bel Powley, who plays Minnie wants to lose her virginity and opens herself up to the world of sex. The sex scenes are really saucy and daunting, which tells the story of how a young virgin can quickly change. The secret love affair between the pair also makes it more exciting and has the audience on their toes the entire time. Every time they meet the risk increases and it brings out that small rush of adrenaline. Monroe’s sexy body contrasts with the portrayal of a realistic female body, will make you crave and fantasize about him all day.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

6. Romancing The Stone

The 80’s were great, a different era for when it came to sex and passion. The ever sexy Michael Douglas, placed alongside the beautiful Kathleen Turner, shows the development of a love affair that craves adventure in the right place. In the jungles of Columbia on a mission to save her sister, they both encounter in each other’s paths and soon decide to seek the treasure from the map to save her sister’s life. In the plot of this romance novelist, her adventures were once written in books now become a reality.  She finally seeks the adventurous thrills. The climaxing sex scene is the peak of their romance. The love making scene takes place when tensions run high and the pair finally bond together. They realise that the greatest treasure was each other.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

7. Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Secret agents that have met in unlikely circumstances have figured out each other’s secret identity and now must kill each other in order to retain balance. After attempting to assassinate each other, they decide that their life and marriage may have been a complete lie. Their love and passion hasn’t blossomed until destroying their home with a few bullets and all rounded fight. The two make passionate love in the middle of all the chaos and debris. This is one is a more action packed movies with the best sex scenes ever! One that you probably shouldn’t attempt at home, but the actors make it look so enticing and exciting!

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

8. Watchmen

Superheroes and odd costumes makes this movie a peak hit. This movie focuses on the struggles of those willing to risk it all and even have some of the steamiest scenes you wouldn’t expect from a superhero movie. The sexual nature of it all is really appealing when it comes to the chemistry between the female heroine lead and her torn dilemma,  between two lovers. Even the elite have their issues when it comes to sexual romance. The soundtrack will bring out the inner sexual deviant out of everyone. It’s no wonder  this movie makes the cut.

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

9. Ghost

This movie focuses more on embracing your sexuality. The love is between the main characters portrayed by the late Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. The most iconic climaxing love scene was during a steamy pottery session.  Swayze aids Moore while getting their hands dirty. Many movies have taken note of it. The slightest touch can even get audiences hot under the collar, which makes it one of the most romantic movies with the best sex scenes!

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

10. 50 Shades Of Grey

It was inevitable that this movie would make the list, after all it’s based on the sexual BDSM encounters between a hot billionaire and plain Anastasia Steele. Based on the books, the movie franchise doesn’t disappoint in the sexual tension between both powerful Grey and shy Ana. The iconic kinky “red room” has brought the BDSM industry attention to main stream. Many couples now engage in these sexual activities and audiences can finally see what the fuss is really about!

The most romantic movies with the best sex scenes.

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