15 Romance Movies Bound To Make You Cry

These romance movies are bound to have you in tears.In fact, they might be the best romance movies out there to date. Watch these romantic movies on netflix

A love story is enough to make anyone swoon and feel attached to a character however love set always between two partners. Love can include families and relationships between another species. With fall fast approaching you’ll want to spend more time indoors watching so why not try these beautiful romantic tear corkers for the next time you fancy a night in and a cry.

*Warning may contain spoilers- not responsible for running a good movie*

1. The Longest Ride

Starring Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwoods beautiful offspring) and Britt Robertson. The Longest Ride has a great concept of combining two similar stories of romance and the choices of love but in two different eras. Both stories of lovers ties in perfectly and at moments big on your heartstrings at the beauty of life imperfections but the fight for those we love. Such a peaceful movie and one to watch when you need a reminder that life truly is remarkable.


2. Big Fish

Such a timeless classic, Big Fish is not your normal romantic genre. Ewan McGregor and cast maze in their performance of the struggles of fighting for the love you desire and crave, making it your life goal to impress and be happy. Although an unusual movie about love the concept remains the same, so grab your tissues and be amazed at the way how love could amaze and begin with a smile.


3. The Fault In Our Stars

Prepare to have your heart broken in one of the most real movies available. A Fault in Our Stars is a calm relic which brought us the likes of Shailine Woodley and handsome Ansel Elgort. The story focuses on two young people and their battles with cancer in different respects. During the film you have the hope that there will be happy ending for both individuals turned lovers until fate brings us to an ill fated conclusion. The beauty of this movie is the peaceful ending that although happy in some respect tears at your soul like a cloth.

4. Beaches

A classic story of love and friendship between two women who met and had a lasting friendship though the hardship and success of their lives. This story is unique as love doesnt begin with two partners but instead shows the everlasting and important of love in friends. A movie to watch with your bestie and earn the values that friendship is more powerful than anything in life.


5. P.S. I Love You

Love doesn’t have to be existent in the moment, it can be as simple as cherished memories of a loved one. P.S. I Love You has the brilliant acting of Gerald Butler as the deceased husband of New Yorker played by Hillary Swank. The movie teaches that love is everlasting and because we no longer have who we want doesn’t mean life won’t continue and be wonderful. A movie with a true message and a meaning that will have you thinking for the rest of your week or even life.



6. Brokeback Mountain

Love is for everyone no matter who you are and Brokeback Mountain is one of those movies which deserves any appreciation. Played by the late Heath Ledger, the story follows two men who in turn become lovers and hold this great secret as society won’t accept their love. The move makes us appreciate that love comes in every form and we should accept what can only make us happy. This movie also portrays that love is one element that cannot be denied forever. A tear jerker with music so soothing to the ears, you’ll be re-watching this time and time again.



7. Amelie

An alternative movie for all people alike. This French movie is equipped with subtitles but still manages to catch onto your emotions and make an impact.  This movie teaches us that love is never simple and even we don’t know what adventures in life may cause us to cross path with others. The movie although not sad, it a tear jerker as it elevates a happiness to us that feels missed in a world of tragedy.



8. Love Actually

Although this movie has an element of happiness and comedy throughout it follows several storylines of people living in London. There is one element to the movie that has an emotional bond with viewers and that is Emma Thompson’s heartbreaking story-line. We learn of the adultery issues in her family life from the actions of her husband contemplating an affair. Although standard in many families we see Emma’s character work as the perfect other and wife which makes it all the worse for this heartbreaking moment she finds out about the loss of love. Hankies at the ready.



9.  Adore

An Australian based film which main focus is the love and lies which can tear families apart, all from our passionate interests. The story focuses on two mothers raising their two boys, both the same age. As they grow older into adulthood each mother, both miserable in her life has an affair with the others son. They learn to explore their sexuality as well as living and feeling more free, but as this secret furthers each must learn to put behind her past and learn to live without what turns out the love of their lives. eat must learn the heartbreak of this secret being shameful and wrong, an edgy tear jerker as love conquers.




10. Forrest Gump

Love and disability, something that would never been seen. Forrest Gump is a cult classic tear jerker which follows the rise of Forrest following from childhood into adulthood the heartache of romance but as he struggles with the love of his live, his career and life itself takes an interesting path. With many memorable quotes, this heartwarming emotional filled rollercoaster of a film is a must watch.

11. Pearl Harbour

There is no love without betrayal and heartache of a lost loved one. Two men, grown together and always been brother bonded, they have each others back. However with both servicing in war,   one is declared dead during an airfield battle the other swiftly begins to fall in love with his best friends girl. Upon his arrival back, shocked the friends soon learn the difficulties of love and the betrayal from the act of comfort in sad times. Pearl harbour is must see to the end and will have you in tears for days.


12. Nights in Rodanthe

Richard Gere, a beauty silver fox that even appeals to women of any age these days. This film focuses Richard and his co actor Diane Lane. These two people, lost in their own lives and families as they struggles to connect with their children and their relationships failing. With both unhappy they find solace in each other at the beach house in Rodanthe. Both discover that their lives needs to be shaken up to in order to change and seek happiness. A true romantic tear jerker with moments that will take your breath away.

13. The Body Guard

An iconic movie that has audiences of all ages, even today intrigued and shedding tears for this film. A body guard takes on his biggest challenge of caring for singer celebrity Whitney Houston, but one thing he never bargained for was the rocky romance that they both lead to have.  With moments keeping you on edge and wishful thinking that romance was easy, The BodyGuard will make you fall in love and cry your heart out.


14. Dirty Dancing

Melting our souls and causing heartache, the late Patrick Swayze created one of the most amazing masterpieces thats is still at large even today. Dirty dancing has the most iconic lines and a true romance that grows unexpectedly between a doctors young daughter and an holiday entertainer. There are highs and lows, emotion and most probable crying but its all worth it for this perfect film.


15. The Theory Of Everything

The life of Stephen Hawking before his illness took away many of his abilities except his beautiful mind. This film shows the love between Hawking and his first wife and the struggles that both endured and had to conquer as time progressed. This adaption shows the love and affection that must take place when supporting the one you promised to love. Affectionate and an emotional rollercoaster, not one to dissappoint.

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