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7 Rom-Coms That Will Make You Want To Get Back Out On The Dating Scene

7 Rom-Coms That Will Make You Want To Get Back Out On The Dating Scene

Single and not-so-ready to mingle? After watching these 7 rom coms, you'll be reconsidering getting back out on the dating scene in no time.

Getting back out there on the dating scene can be rough, it’s easy to become happy in your own company and that’s completely fine but it’s also easy to wish you had someone special to share life with. With these 7 rom-coms, you’ll be bursting to get back out on the dating scene in no time.

1. The Holiday

In my opinion, ‘The Holiday’ is the best rom-com of all time. Although this is a Christmas film it can easily be watched all year round. Released in 2006, it has everything you could want: LA, London, Laughs, Tears, and Kate Winslet. When both Amanda and Iris’s love lives crumble, they talk online and decide to swap homes for a week. After both of them have a bumpy start in their new environments, they realise they have made the right decision and have the happy new year they are after.

2. Pretty Woman

Despite being released nearly 30 years ago in 1990, ‘Pretty Woman’ has the highest ever ticket sales for a romantic comedy in the US. Julia Roberts plays the role of a prostitute, Vivian, who is hired to play Edward’s (Richard Gere) girlfriend for a week while he is on a business trip after he is dumped by his real girlfriend. Vivian shows Edward different ways to look at life and that maybe it’s not her that needs rescuing after all, but it’s him.


3. Bridget Jones’s Diary

From the romantic comedy novel of the same name by Helen Fielding, this modern take on Pride and Prejudice follows Bridget Jones, who starts the new year single. After running into an old family friend at her parents’ New Year’s day party, she decides her New Year’s resolution will be to stop smoking, drink less, avoid her sleazy boss, and keep a diary. Nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diar’ was released in 2001 and has since been followed by a second and third film.

4. Mary Shelley

Although this may not be a romantic comedy, this romanticized tale follows Mary Shelley’s relationship with her husband from their first meeting to the release of her novel, Frankenstein. It is a beautiful romantic period drama every rom-com fan should watch. Despite its mixed reviews, this film will make you want to get back on the dating scene and find your very own Percy Shelley.

5. Love Actually

Another romantic comedy set in the Christmas period. ‘Love Actually’ follows 10 narratives that are all, in some degree, interwoven in the film. The film shows their relationships with love in the run-up to Christmas. Said to be a modern Christmas classic, ‘Love Actually’ will make you want to get back on the dating scene to feel the same love some of these stories portray.

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6. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

This 2013 French film starring bond girl Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos was based off Julie Maroh’s 2010 graphic novel of the same name. Following Adele, ‘Blue Is The Warmest Colour’ starts with her as a teenage girl in secondary school when she meets a painter, Emma. The film follows their relationship from that moment until they are at the peak of their careers. Although this is also not a rom-com (sorry), this film is important in cinema history and will make you wish you had someone to watch it with.

7. You’ve Got Mail

‘You’ve Got Mail’ is a modern classic and one of the first films that show how the first online relationships started. Kathleen and Joe are business rivals, Kathleen running her own independent book shop and Joe running a US-wide chain of bookstores that is destroying Kathleen’s business. This isn’t the only thing they share in common, as they both have an online pen pal. But, what they don’t know is that they’re talking to each other.


Did any of these movies make you want to get back on the dating scene? Share in the comments below!

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