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10 Diver Role Models You Should Follow On Instagram

10 Diver Role Models You Should Follow On Instagram

Here are some amazing and diverse role models on instagram! These models embrace themselves, who they are, and their body types.

We are living in a society which embraces diversity and celebrates being unique, where being normal is boring. And with this being the digital age so many of us share our individualism with everyone else in hopes to change and educate them in to seeing that we’re all equal no matter shape, size, colour or even who we love. And these 10 diverse role models on Instagram are some of the most inspiring of them all:

1. Dina Torkia – @dinatokio

Dina is one of the role models on instagram that is a Muslim youtuber who is focused on modest fashion for people of all religions, she also talks about beauty, life style and motherhood. I think she’s a great person to follow on Instagram because she is challenging the stereotypes of Muslim women and showing people that they’re not the the same as the media portrays them to be.

2. Nikita Dragun – @nikita_dragun

Many people already know of Nikita because she is a youtube star but for those of you who don’t, she is a transgender make up artist who was been very open about her transformation on social media. I think she has been so brave to post that on her social media especially with loads of people who would disagree with her life choices always leaving hate comments, this is inspiring because she teaches her followers to not give a shit about people.


3. Laura Micetich – @theirongiantess

Laura is goals, and I’m not just saying that because she has lost more than half her body weight but because she is one of the most inspiring people on Instagram. She literally radiates positivity and love which I think is so refreshing, one look at her Instagram account will make you want to change something in your life for the better and that’s true power. She is one of the role models on instagram that has had some major progress!

4. Sophia Hadjipanteli – @sophiahadjipanteli

Sophia is a model and founder of the #UnibrowMovement which goes against the social norm to have a perfect set of eyebrows, this is so brave considering the eyebrow trend that’s going on right now. Her campaign at the heart is just based on looking different and how that is okay, I think that is such a strong movement and one of the many reasons you should follow her on Instagram.

5. Blair Imani – @blairimani

This is another Muslim woman who is trying to break stereotypes because she is queer, she is also the founder of @equalityforher. Many religions are against the LGBTQ and this includes Islam so for a Muslim to admit to being a part of that on social media is very brave and I think we can all use this to inspire us to be braver.


6. Manny Gutierrez – @mannymua733

Manny is a make up artist who is a guy, had you told me 10 years ago that male make up artists would be so popular I might have laughed in your face (especially because I would have been 8), but they really are taking make up to a whole new level and everyone is in love. This is so brave considering there are a lot of people still against it but Manny doesn’t seem to care, his Instagram bio is “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition” and I think so too.

7. Nabela Noor – @nabela

Nabela is a fashion and beauty youtuber who you might have seen a few times on your feed if you follow Hudabeauty. She is a great role model to follow on Instagram because she is often criticized for her weight and has never been beaten down by it, her spirit is what we all need on our Instagram feed.

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8. Nyma – @nymatang

Nyma is one of the role models on instagram who’s killing it out here showing us that every shade of skin is beautiful no matter how dark which is an important message. She is famous for her make up reviews especially the one of the darkest shade of foundation from Fenty Beauty, she is definitely worth following.

9. Tess Daly – @tess.daly

Tess is a fashion and beauty influencer who is in a wheelchair, she is a role model who teaches us that nothing at all can stop us from doing what we love. Her make up skills are amazing and she even posted a time lapse of her doing her make up saying how she was too self conscious to post it at first but she got over that.

10. Grace Victory – @gracefvictory

Grace is the founder of @healgrowglow and is a body positive role model who you need to follow on Instagram because she will make you fall in love with your own body just the way it is. She is also a head strong feminist who wrote a book called no filter which she has been so open about self harm and depression.


What do you think about these role models on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!

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