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Rock 90s Fashion With Our Styling Tips

Rock 90s Fashion With Our Styling Tips

Who's your fashion idol: Rachel or Winona? Whichever 90s icon you choose, follow these tips to truly rock that 90s style.

90s fashion is back on trend, and back in a big way. As the revival makes its way from Instagram and Pinterest into everybody’s wardrobes, make sure you stay in the know and create looks that Jennifer Aniston would be proud of. Here are our top tips so you can rock the latest 90s-inspired fashion trends.

1. Colour co-ordinate

The 90s were all about block colours – rich, deep and attention-grabbing. The best way to grab that attention is to stick to one colour throughout your whole outfit. However, if you’re keeping it toned down, then colour co-ordinate with your accessories, such as hats or socks.


2. Layers

The layering of an outfit can make or break your entire look. To be truly 90s, find pieces that contrast with each other in differing ways. Make the colour contrast drastic; or pair a light piece of clothing with a darker one.

3. Bright jackets

As a leftover from the 80s, the 90s really took on the jacket as the centrepiece of the outfit. Choose oversized jackets with blocky, if not monotone, colours to go with a comparatively calm outfit, and you’ve got yourself a classic 90s look!

4. Big belts

Big belts are everywhere you go right now. Invest in belts with huge, circular buckles and tuck in your shirts or jumpers to keep it on display. Belts with the Gucci logo are particularly on trend at the moment.


5. Thin spaghetti straps

Nothing screams ’90s fashion’ more than spaghetti straps. Find yourself a top with straps so thin you can barely see the fabric threads; dresses with this type of strap were prevalent in the 90s too.

6. Accessories

Quite a shift from the thick-rimmed glasses made popular back in the early 2010s, glasses went from thick in the 80s to very thin in the 90s. This decade was all about tight squeezes, thin sizes, and bright colours. Colour-tinted glasses with no rims abounded at this time. To encapsulate a 90s look, match thin glasses with the colour scheme of your outfit.


Chokers became the necklace of the decade in the 90s, being embraced by preppy kids and the grunge girls alike. Bucket hats were popular no matter what your gender, but if hats weren’t an option then bright hair clips or bandannas were popular.

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7. Put some plaid on it

For grunge girls especially, the plaid shirt or skirt became the trend sensation of 90s fashion. As the standout piece of the look, the plaid takes the pressure of the rest of your clothes to be exciting. You can pair a plaid skirt with a plain white t-shirt and a jacket and your look will appear to be effortlessly cool. To really embody a ‘rock-and-roll-angst’ vibe, add thick sneakers or boots, and complete the look with a choker.


8. Low necks OR turtlenecks – or even both!

90s fashion was very much about extremes. You either went this way or that. You were glam and glitzy, or sharp and grungy. The neckline of the 90s tops was no different. There was no hesitation – you either bared quite a lot or covered up completely.

Most of the time, people chose to wear a low neckline. However, the 90s’ tendency to layer meant that people experimented, and wearing two contrasting layers on top ended up being a great fashion choice. Get the best of both worlds by offsetting your turtleneck with a low-neckline top.

9. When in doubt, sparkle it out

If you want to go over-the-top 90s, combine the spaghetti straps with a sparkly material and dazzle the eyes of everyone around you. Pairing with accessories such as a choker will ensure you out-90s everyone else in the room, and solidify your reputation as a true fashionista.


What’s your favourite trend from 90s fashion? Tell me in the comments below!

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