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Rising Star Georgia Box Sat Down And Answered All Our Fashion Questions

Rising Star Georgia Box Sat Down And Answered All Our Fashion Questions

We are huge fans of Georgia Box, and if you don't know her - now you do. The rising pop star is known for her covers of songs like Shaggy's, "it wasn't me." In fact, she's gotten so big that she's releasing her own single. Here's her tell all on fashion!

Yes… that’s right, we were on set for Georgia Box’s fashion shoot in preparation for her new upcoming single I Don’t Want You Anymore. You may have seen the videos on our Society19 Instagram and it was great!

For those of you who don’t know Georgia, think back to when JoJo did her version of Marvin’s Room… Well, Georgia’s mostly known for doing similar viral covers where you can catch her singing the female version of male-led songs like Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me.

While being on set, it was pretty clear that Georgia is a boss b*tch, oozing with girl power vibes and a charming Essex attitude. She was excited to show us her makeup and fashion looks for the shoot, so take a look!


Look 1

For her first look, Georgia is wearing a yellow puffer jacket from H&M paired with a burgundy Umbro tracksuit and military boots. She chose to suit her relaxed outfit with a natural makeup look.

Get the look!



Look 2:

Ooooh, Georgia changed from her tracksuit to a more glam look and still somehow managed to keep it casual and cool! I am in love with her colorful jacket which she paired with statement pleated blue trousers, a slogan bodysuit. This time around Georgia’s makeup artist chose to go for a bold look with a dramatic eye, bright pink lip and contour which slays.

Get the look!


Over a bacon and egg sandwich at lunch, we got up close and personal to find out a bit more about Georgia, her music and of course her style!

Talk us through your look today?

We’ve gone for quite a comfortable, comfy and sporty look – with a touch of glam to it *she laughs*.


Who are your fashion influencers?

Definitely Rita Ora. I’m always stalking her Instagram, I love her edgy and chilled style. Rihanna, of course. She has quite similar fashion to Rita I think. I absolutely love how Mabel dresses too.

If you could collaborate with any brand, who would it be and why?


It would definitely be a sporty brand, probably Adidas, Elise or Puma. Mostly because I love that sports brand are not just about the sports anymore and have become edgy.

Why sports, is that something that represents you?

Yes, for sure! I have always been into sports since I was little. I have played football since I was 11 and I play semi professional now representing Essex regionally.


What do you want your style and music to say about you?

I want it to come across that I am an individual and I don’t follow trends. I think it’s important to be independent, strong and comfortable in my own style. I don’t want to conform to the typical ‘pop star’ image of glitz and glam. Just being myself, yeah!

This one is for the ladies! Your new single is coming out and it is titled I Don’t Want You Anymore. What is your number one to girls trying to move on?


I would say always remain happy with yourself, although it can be emotional times… You will get through it! With the support of your girls and people around you, you will be happy again. One of my lyrics is ‘I’m moving on, so move along’, so don’t sit and dwell about it. So yeah, listen to the song when it’s out and it will help you get over it!

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Heels or Trainers?


Highlighter or Blusher?

False eyelashes or extensions?

Dress or Jumpsuit?
Ooooh, dress


Would you rather perform at a festival or arena?
Arena, just because everyone there is there specifically there to watch you. But, how could you turn down a summer festival, such a vibe!

Beyonce or Rihanna?
Beyonce, she’s my queen

Mabel or RAYE?
Ahhh, I hate this question… Ahhhhh I love them both so much. I’m going to say RAYE because I love her songwriting.


So talk us through your upcoming music video. What’s the vibe, meaning and what can we expect?
You can expect a lot of light, energy and lots of fun. Just very girl power. I think even the males will like it and I hope it gets across the message that in a break up, it’s not the end of the world.

Anything you want to say to fans or new people discovering you?
Stay true to yourself.

Georgia Box’s new single I Don’t Want You Anymore is out today and is available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. You can catch her posting selfies and singing anything and everything on Instagram @Georgiaboxofficial


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