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Rising Sign: Does It Matter? What Yours Says About You

Rising Sign: Does It Matter? What Yours Says About You

Your Rising sign is more important than you think – what does it say about you? What should you look for? Let's find out!

Astrology has always been and is still a big topic of interest. People love finding out more about themselves and their habits through the prism of the stars – but are they getting the full image? The sign you usually read about and associate yourself with is your Sun sign. However, there are signs in your chart that are associated with other stars, constellations and planets, and they all are responsible for different things. Amongst the most popular and widely known signs are Sun, Moon and Rising signs – also known as Ascendant. It is determined by which sign was ascending on the Eastern horizon.

So what is it, simply?

In the most simplified way possible, your three main signs are responsible for slightly different things.

Your Sun sign determines what you’re like with acquaintances and people you interact with a lot.


Your Moon sign determines what you’re like with the people closest to you.

Your Rising sign determines what you’re like with strangers and in public; the outer you, the impression you leave.

So, your Rising sign is what your colleagues/university pals consider you to be like, what the girl you had eye contact with yesterday in Starbucks thought of you, etcetera.


No less important than the other two, this sign often gets overlooked for no good reason.

How to find out your Ascendant

First of all, you’ll need to know the time and place (geographically – city, country, time zone) you were born – so go ring your mom up in case you don’t.

After you inadvertently agitate your parents with sudden questions of your birth, it will be time to use one amongst a multitude of websites to either calculate your whole Natal chart out (like CafeAstrology Astro-seek and many others) or just your Rising sign separately (Astrosofa, Astrofame, etc).


Now, what does your Rising sign say about you?

As for all zodiac, all signs vary massively between themselves – but even Rising signs correlate with the Sun positions and their characteristics.

Your Rising sign can give you insight on what physical and mental qualities to highlight, as well as what decisions to make, and how to approach your work and relationships.

So, let’s get to it, then.

Aries Rising:


They are: BOLD AND ASSERTIVE; confident, loud. Never still. Determined, always in search of an activity. Can seem stand-offish. Optimistic. More so leaders than followers, hopeful and ambitious.

They look: STYLISH; with prominent, sharp facial features and a square jaw. Prefer deeper, more contrasting colours.

They should: NOT BITE OFF MORE THAN THEY CAN CHEW; be more patient, relax. Take more time to rest, especially when it comes to working. Look for jobs that involve movement and ambition.


Rising Sign: Does It Matter? What Yours Says About You

Taurus Rising:

They are: ROMANTIC AND STABLE; don’t like change. Passively firm: won’t get aggressive in an argument, but will stand their ground. Attractive and patient. Sometimes lazy, but passionate about something very specific.


They look: SOFT; they have glowing skin, rounded eyes and face. Soft natural colours.

They should: REMEMBER THAT EVERYTHING IS GOOD IN MODERATION; take walks. Remember that sometimes things are just meant to happen. Look for jobs that involve design and aesthetics. Embrace the routine.

Gemini Rising:


They are: QUIRKY AND WITTY; curious, bad at concentrating, talk a lot – on and off topic. Often not serious enough. Build knowledge and experience through communication and relationships.

They look: BRIGHT; long features, constantly smiling, a lot of gestures. Dimples, moles. Bright, natural colours.

They should: WATCH OUT FOR THEIR MENTAL HEALTH; meditate. Pick up a sport. Stop smoking. Look for jobs that involve fast paced environments and communication.


Cancer Rising:

They are: IDEALISTIC AND SENSITIVE; easily pushed out of balance. Look slightly unapproachable. A little pessimistic. Family-focused. Imaginative.

They look: DELICATE; don’t make too many unnecessary movements. Soft gaze and beautiful lips. White, silver, blue are the colours of preference.


They should: FOLLOW THEIR HEARTS; opinions of others can be useful, but they aren’t the law. Look for jobs that are creative and helpful to others.

Leo Rising:

They are: CONFIDENT AND LOUD; pretend not to care – actually do more so than others. Show off both possessions and achievements. Always leave a lasting impression. Are constantly in the spotlight – whether they like it or not.


They look: CATCHY; they have wide lips, loud yet chic fashion, broad shoulders. Rich, bright, sunny colours.

They should: DO IT FOR THEMSELVES; stop being people-pleasers, please yourselves. Look for jobs that could immortalise you, even if in a smaller field – anywhere from acting, to astrophysics, to charity work.

Virgo Rising:


They are: THOUGHTFUL AND MODEST; helpful, logical. A bit nervous. Seem soft. Perfectionists and patiently ambitious people. Influential.

They look: PACIFIED; thin nose, small face, average height. Soft lips. Colours of nature.

They should: LET PEOPLE IN; nobody will understand them otherwise. Try to realise that their standards are extremely high. Destress. Look for jobs that involve logical thinking, jobs where you could lead others and help them organise.


Rising Sign: Does It Matter? What Yours Says About You

Libra Rising:

They are: CHARMING AND REFINED; talkative pacifists. Need constant communication. Strive for harmony and beauty.


They look: GENTLE AND INTELLECTUAL; soft smile, proportionate facial features, symmetry and softness. Extended chin. Shades of pink and purple, metallics.

They should: STOP RUNNING AWAY; make the decision, finally. Figure their sleeping schedules out. Take the time to think and grow. Look for jobs that involve communication, diplomacy and, maybe, storytelling.

Scorpio Rising:


They are: OBSERVANT AND DRAMATIC; always with a flare. Also look unapproachable – except not slightly. Quiet. Stylish. Will know everything down to your favourite donut from Krispy Kreme, while you won’t even know their full names.


They look: INTIMIDATING; mysterious, have a powerful aura, strong build, oval face, elongated nose. Contrasting, darker colours.

They should: JUST DO IT; remember that it’s better to regret something that’s done instead of something they chickened out of. Realise they’re intimidating. Look for jobs that allow for healthy stimulation and competition.

Sagittarius Rising:


They are: NERVOUS AND BLUNT; restless and flamboyant. Talk a lot, are easily provoked, don’t always realise when things are better left unsaid.

They look: SHARP; chiseled jawline, long limbs, wide lips. Blue, brown, grey, black & white.

They should: NOT BE SCARED OF CHANGE; try new things, look for what you want. Pet a dog. Throw the old dress out. Look for jobs that allow for flexibility and constant action.


Capricorn Rising:

The are: CAPABLE AND DISCIPLINED; serious, determined, dedicated. Sometimes dark, but not overly grim. Sarcastic. Know their shit. Tenacious.

They look: ALLURING AND DISTANT; with their thick eyebrows, almond eyes and prominent cheekbones. Serious gaze. Shades of grey, faded greens and blues.


They should: TAKE A BREAK; stop working themselves into the ground. Find a hobby that doesn’t revolve around work. Look for jobs where they can be left alone to be productive, think and invest their time.

Aquarius Rising:

They are: INDIVIDUALISTIC AND ERRATIC; distant, running from the masses. Full of hipser-ish anti-hipster sentiment. Observant, rebellious, contrarian. Overthinkers and, sometimes – loners.


They look: MARINE AND POWERFUL; large forehead, either very tall and somewhat lanky, or, on the contrary, short and soft. Everything blue and purple.

They should: BE SLIGHTLY MORE TRUSTING; their friends can feel the distance, but Aquarians don’t realise that. Realise that mistakes happen. Swear less. Look for jobs that allow for invention and innovation, that make them apply their brains.

Rising Sign: Does It Matter? What Yours Says About You


Pisces Rising:

They are: OTHERWORLDY AND COMPASSIONATE; mystical, dreamy, empathetic. Imaginative. Look like you could approach them for help even if you don’t know them. Comforting – yet noticeably darker than they let on.

They look: CHILDLIKE AND DREAMY; full cheeks, big eyes and small lips. Small hands and feet. Soft, mostly pastel colours.


They should: FIND BALANCE; the world of dreams should not be a priority, and their bosses can see them spacing out. Look for jobs that involve communication, connection and helping others.

What’s your rising sign? Does it accurately describe you? Let us know in the comments below!

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