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10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

Wow, celebrities are just like us! These Rihanna moments are so relatable you really really really need to see them to believe it!

Rih-Rih is beyond just being a regular celeb at this point. What with her constant game-changing moves in make-up, in fashion, in music, there really isn’t anything she can’t conquer.

But, underneath her designer dresses and four-thousand-dollar Alexander Wang clutches, there’s a real b*tch (in the most complimentary way possible).

And there are some Rihanna moments that are just so damn relatable.

1. Like That Time People Were Playing ‘Pokemon Go’ At Concerts

So the perp was caught at a Beyonce concert, but still. We know it happens to everyone. I’ve caught a snitch at Lorde playing the Kim K app in the front row.

Rihanna does not care for this one bit, and she definitely let it be known we should not be catching ’em all.

“I don’t want to see you texting your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I don’t want to see you catching any Pokémons up in this bitch,” said she at a concert for her ‘Anti’ world tour.

If you’re paying hundreds to see one of the most iconic women of the modern age, why are you spending it on a game that was, while wicked fun, a fad? This is one of many iconic Rihanna moments we totally get.

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

2. Or Like That Time She Wore Her Robe Down The Street

We all know that late-night supermarket run 20 minutes before Woolies shuts. We get out there, slogging it in our PJs and dressing gown, raggedy slippers on our feet.

While Rihanna definitely wouldn’t own raggedy slippers, it seems she values her comfort just as much as us, in this Rihanna moment!

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

3. Or The Times She Was Way Too Good For A Man

Remember when Drake confessed his love for her at the MTV awards? How Rihanna dodged the first kiss, she laughed and dismissed him with a sassy eye roll?

Or what about the time she told an interviewer that “she wasn’t looking for a man”?

Or the countless Rihanna moments that amount to no guy ever being on her level?

Yeah, girl, we relate. Who needs a man when we’ve got each other?

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

4. And She’s A Free-The-Nip Kinda Gal

Regular peeps don’t wear bras all the time, let’s be real. We make that trip down to the corner store with just a sweater on more often than we do with any kind of support for our boobs.

Rihanna is just living the life we wish we could. Sure she might be wearing a designer dress covered in Swarovski crystals, but other than that, we totally relate to her bra-free approach to fashion.

It’s just more comfortable, right?

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

5. She Also Has No Time For Cliques

Tay-tay’s clique, to be specific.

Back in 2015, when Taylor Swift was amassing star power for her (unforgettable?) squad, Rihanna confirmed to NME Magazine she had little interest in being a part of Taylor’s club.

She cited a difference in brands as the reason why – and we have to wonder, is it just that Rihanna doesn’t need a ‘squad’ around her to hype herself up?

Whatever the reason, we totally relate to being too grown for cliques no matter the who and the why.

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

6. And No Time For The POTUS Too

Is it just a universal feeling that all people with functioning moral compasses detest Donald Trump? Whatever the alternative facts are, Rihanna’s on this bandwagon with us.

Tweeting your disapproval for the current POTUS is a universal experience – and a trademark Rihanna moment.

“America is being ruined right before our eyes!” she tweeted, because she never has been one to hold back.

In this moment, her political sentiments certainly are relatable.

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

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7. Speaking Of Savage Tweets

“@CELEBBUZZ your p*ssy is way too dry to be riding my d*ck like this” said Rihanna to a media outlet calling her crochet dress trashy (in summary).

Or perhaps you prefer her clapback at MTV for weed-shaming her; “yikes…. @rihanna gave out of f*cks to give”.

Rihanna is well and truly over it. And her DGAF attitude is as inspirational as it is relatable. While some of us might not be at her level yet, we totally get it.

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

8. She’s Still Got Her Insecurities Though

We know Rihanna’s flawless, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been through the same shit all women go through. She probably has it worse, even, being bombarded for her every “flaw” by the paparazzi for years.

But in this Rihanna moment, (her Fenty makeup tutorial) she complains that it takes her “ten hours” (hyperbole, we’re sure) to do her makeup, and a need to hide her double chin.

These are the thoughts we all have when we open that makeup kit, so I guess that means just one thing – we’re all just as gorgeous as Rihanna.

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

9. She Loves A Sneaky Hip Flask

Okay, it really wasn’t that sneaky. Rihanna blatantly wore her hip flask to the dry affair that is was the 2017 Grammys.

She was also caught sneaking sips from it throughout the proceedings, and Facetimed during the Grammys.

Considering the Grammys are probably as casual as a Thanksgiving dinner to her, we totally relate to needing a little pick-me-up to get you through!

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

10. And Will Fall Into A Pool To Save That Glass Of Wine

We love seeing a flawless celeb who can walk on street grates in stilettos act a little clumsy. And falling into a pool to save her glass of wine? Definitely a Rihanna moment we relate to.

After all, who hasn’t let their cute ass face and ‘fit go to waste just to rescue your glass of champagne? Or (because who are we kidding?) ten dollar moscato?

10 Rihanna Moments We Can All Relate To

Can you think of other relatable Rihanna moments? Share them in the comments!

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