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The 8 Most Ridiculous Things About Love Island 2018

The 8 Most Ridiculous Things About Love Island 2018

Check out these crazy things about Love Island 2018!

I’m not an avid Love Island watcher, but I’m an avid Love Island researcher, so I don’t know what’s worse really. While the show is undoubtedly addictive, it is also undoubtedly low-quality programming, that we either love or love to hate and either way, it’s got our attention. If you peel away at the layers, however, Love Island has striking resemblances to some of our favourite dystopias. This nationwide phenomenon is quite ridiculous, and here are 8 reasons why Love Island 2018.

1.Unhealthy ‘Healthy’ Adverts

And I’m not talking about Superdrug. Between the mindless conversations about who fancies who (which I’ll move onto shortly), ITV plies its viewers with adverts on dieting and cosmetic surgery. Not only does the reality TV show exclusively present participants who have toned abs or barely 9% body fat, but the adverts during Love Island promote unnecessary body standards, that become a burden on health services and add pressures to body image issues, as head of the NHS Simon Stevens has said. Considering Love Island is ITV2’s most-watched show and millions tune into the episodes, the channel has a responsibility to get rid of this unhealthy advertising, and maybe advertise short courses in politics and geography instead (Sorry Hayley).


2.Reign Of The Puppet Masters

Love Island seems to me like the worst mix of the Hunger Games and Orwell’s 1984. While almost every action is being watched all day (thankfully the loo is a private place at least), and when you think all is fine and cushty, you might get a ridiculously good looking (albeit dickish) guy dumped on you when you’re already comfortably coupled up, or receive a totally out-of-context video of your other half apparently gagging over their ex. Though drama is the point of programmes like this, the producers seem determined to set absolutely everyone on edge, and that’s just not very nice is it?

3.What Do These People Even Do In Their Every Day Lives?


All we seem to witness are vapid conversations about who wants to crack on with who, or how good Georgia’s bum is, or how fit Megan is. Yes, there are only 45 minutes to an episode, but the participants of Love Island are on our screens for 8 weeks and we don’t know all that much about them on the outside. What’s Laura’s favourite food? Does Wes like modern art? Who does Dani Dyer think will win the World Cup? We want answers Love Island 2018.

4.Enough With Eurocentric Beauty Ideals

The lack of diversity on the show is shocking; monotony in race, sexuality and body types is something to examine on the show- the contestants are picked from all over the UK, yet is the composition of contestants emblematic of diversity in the UK? Amidst accusations of colourism, Love Island has enraged viewers by suggesting ‘mixed-race’ is an acceptable preference in a partner. At least it’s not Love Island Australia.


5.There Are No Clocks

Anyone remember that scene in The Clockwork Orange where the protagonist is made to watch gruesome violence against his free will? While not on the same scale but there’s also an issue of free will here- the Love Islanders are all made to wake up to bright light and music, and can’t sleep in past 9.30am- what happened to a good old lie in? Not only that, but there are no clocks in the villa. There is little awareness of the hours creeping by as the contestants do little to fill up their time there Love Island 2018.

6.Come On Alex, Do You Really See Yourself With Grace?

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Maybe I’m wrong and the show’s least compatible contestants will actually get married and live happily ever after. Or maybe everyone wants to get with someone for the sake of just staying on the show and is very happy to move onto the next living and breathing person as long as long as it improves their chances of winning. Love isn’t the goal here, it’s fame.

7.Surely They Must Know They’re Getting Played


Contestants like Megan and Adam are notorious players yet they’re the first contestants everyone in the villa has their eye on. Frankie told Samira he liked Megan, but as soon as Muggy Meg was out of the picture for him, he went right back to Samira and she fell for it. It’s a game and they’re all getting played Love Island 2018.

8.The Challenges Are Gross

If you’ve seen it you’ll know. They really are just gross.


It’s a ridiculous yet entertaining show, and maybe we’re just as ridiculous as the premise for falling for it. Are you a lover or a hater? Let us know in the comments!

Which of these Love Island 2018 facts are entertaining to you? Let us know in the comments.

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