Revolve Clothing Has FINALLY Launched In The UK… Here’s What You Need

The world of fashion as we know has moved online, with it being easier to scroll through the latest trends and season picks for fresh contemporary style! We are super excited to tell you about the newest craze to sweep the online fashion world in the UK and it’s called Revolve! With articulate designs for the modern fashionista, Revolve offers a metropolis of apparel to fit everybody’s needs. Whether you’re wanting something at a low price or want something high-end, Revolve has it and the platform is really easy to navigate to find what you’re looking for! Fashion is the art of self-expression and from time to time we all love to upgrade our style for individualisation, and if that’s what you love about fashion then you need to visit Revolve ASAP! Here is what Revolve is and how it works!

What is Revolve?

Revolve is a bright and colourful new fashion brand from the states which has launched in the UK and is a designer apparel company that sells men’s and women’s clothing online for all seasons! Now that we’ve reached mid-July, we’re starting to think about all the creative possibilities that the AW18 front will bring and we are so excited for Revolve to unveil the entire winter collection. SS18 has brought lucid and dynamic styling ideas and Revolve hasn’t disappointed us on both ends of the aisle. With thousands of items of clothing to choose from, Revolve is surely going to become as successful as ASOS in the near future!

What Makes Revolve Stand Out?

What makes Revolve different is that it is set up like a guide with a variety of categories to choose from so you can find the perfect outfit to suit the occasion. For example, you have ‘Brunch Babe’, ‘Weekend Plans’, ‘9 to 5’, so that you can find clothing that is suitable for when you want to wear it. Of course, many other clothing brands split their clothing into categories, but it’s generally just summer wear or gym wear. With Revolve, you have something entirely new and modernised to make finding your perfect outfit an efficient and revolutionary process. As well as clothing, Revolve understands that many love to purchase makeup and skincare products, just like you would in store. There is a wide range of skincare and makeup products to choose from to make the online shopping experience exciting and allows you to broaden your palette! What’s more, is that there are also grooming products for men from specialised serums to moisturisers, there is something for everyone!

How Does Revolve Work?

As we previously mentioned the choice of categories, you can choose to search for clothing by gender, what’s new, footwear, accessories, designer, sale items and already closeted items! Like many other online fashion brands, you choose which item of clothing you want in your size and place it in your bag. It’s as easy as that and then when you have finished shopping you checkout. There are free returns available on all items within 30 days of purchase and if you rate your purchase you automatically get entered in the $1000 prize draw where you can spend the money on the website on more designer items!

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Which Designers Can I Choose From?

Many creative celebrity styling options have hit the Revolve market including some well-known brands! These include Chrissy Teigen, Kendall and Kylie, by the way, BLANKNYC, LIONESS, Bardot, LEVI’S, RAYE, Lovers + Friends and many more! Currently, the summer wardrobe is filled with opaque and dynamic designs that are ready to be worn with confidence and slayed as the summer comes to an end. The styles to choose from are constantly refreshed meaning you have plenty of fresh and creative ideas to help you express yourself! We’re so excited to see what AW18 will hold and we have a feeling they will not disappoint! let us know what you think about Revolve below!

We LOVE Revolve! Let us know your thoughts on the newest craze in the online fashion world!
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