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20 Revision Hacks To Get You Through Exams

20 Revision Hacks To Get You Through Exams

These revision hacks will save your life! These tips will keep you from staying up all night to study for your big exam and will totally help you remember the information!

Whether you like it or not, you can’t escape from exams in your life. It’s not just during school; exams will follow you to university and even for job applications. For some of us, getting ready for an exam or test is harder than for others, especially if you are rather fond of procrastination or have a hard time focusing your attention. The exam experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare, as there are several tricks you can apply to have more fruitful revision sessions. If you are looking forward to have a more chilled revision, check out these 20 revision hacks to get you through exams.

1. Speak Out Loud Instead Of Reading

You’re 50% more likely to remember something when you say it out loud. Do try it and you’ll notice the difference.

2. Write Your Notes In Times New Roman

It has been proved that Times New Roman is the easiest font to read. No wonder it’s the default on most applications


3. Highlight, Highlight and Highlight!

Use highlighters of multiple colours, headers and subheaders. It’s not childish and it’s not hard work!

4. Use The Haribbo Technique

Motivate yourself with gummy bears and complete memorising task to earn that yummy reward.

5. Change Your Surroundings

Get out of your room or change the library for a café. Revising in other locations is helpful as your brain re-learns the information all over again, improving your memorisation game.


6. Go For A Walk

Exercise improves brain power. Try to go for a walk before a study session or an exam. There are also plenty of quick exercises online specifically for revising breaks!

7. Teach What You Learnt

By placing yourself in the position of the teacher, you can improve the quality of your notes.

8. Use Blocking Apps For Distracting Apps

Say goodbye to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all of those temptations that can thwart your revision time.


9. Become A Master Of Google

You can refine your searches to find more specific results and save valuable time. Here are a few tricks:

10. Create A Mnemonic

Particularly useful if you are learning another language. Mnemonic cards assign an acronym or rhyme to information to make it easier to recall.

11. Apply The 20 Minutes Rule

It has been said that the average adult can hold attention for around twenty minutes. Set a timer and revise for 20 minutes, then, have short breaks in between.


12. Use Post-it Notes

Sometimes you can’t find THAT piece of information on the books, even though you just read it twenty minutes ago. Use post-it notes instead with key information or that bit you are struggling with.

13. Chew Gum And Use Fragrancess

One of those curious scientific facrs: chewing gum boots your concentration. Also, spraying a different scent keeps you more alert and  jogs your memory.

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14. Listen To Propper Music

Forget about your favourite songs because they can affect your productivity. Listen to ambient noise, unfamiliar or even classical music instead.  Time to hit that Bethoveen Playlist!

15. Meditate

Meditation helps to reduce your levels of stress and to enhance your concentration. You’ll also notice an improvement in your mental and physical help.

16. Have Breaks

Sometimes you just need to breathe out. Did you know than nothing new gets assimilated after one hour and forty-five minutes? Allow yourself break time to stay focused keep motivated. This is one of the most important revision hacks there is!


17. Have Post-break Revisions

Go over what you just learnt before going on your well-deserved break. It tests your memory capacity and also gives you the confidence to go over the next part of the revision.

18. Use Digital Cards

A great way to save paper and some physical effort is to use platforms like GoConqr or Quizlet. You can test your knowledge by creating editable flashcards and tests.

19. Do Study Group Sessions

Quite of a risky option, but, done with the correct people, a study session can help you gain new insights and enhance your learning experience. There’s always that person who is much better at explaining things that your own teachers.


20. Sleep!

No matter what, don’t pull an all-nighter before your exams! Lack of sleep affects memory and productivity. You want to be there with your brain and body functioning perfectly. This is one of the revision hacks that is definitely important to keep in mind!

Do you think these revision hacks will help you get through exams? Let us know in the comments below!

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