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8 Restaurants Near UCL That Are Too Delicious To Not Speak Of

8 Restaurants Near UCL That Are Too Delicious To Not Speak Of

If you attend UCL and are just getting sick of eating the same old dining hall food, check out these restaurants near UCL that are totally delicious!

UCL is a great uni for a number of reasons; the range of courses available, its prestige as an institution, but perhaps most importantly, its proximity to great places to eat. When you’re on campus and looking for a munch somewhere aside from Bloomsbury cafe, these 8 restaurants are only around the corner and are ideal for courses in between your ridiculously placed 9am and 4pm lectures. They’ll all leave you full and satisfied with the way you’re spending your student loan. So check out this list of the best restaurants near UCL!

1. Iccos

I can’t put my finger on the exact reason why, but Iccos is my favourite pizza place in London, and I’ve lived in Italy. It might be something to do with the iconic Brunch pizza that comes with halal sausage (all the toppings are halal), or the feeling of when you successfully sneak your leftover slices back into the main library or being greeted by that one Iccos pizza guy that knows you better than you know yourself. Controversial, but I think it’s better than Franco Manca. The pizzas are large, cheap and delicious, and they’ve got a branch in Camden too! What’s not to love? This is seriously one of the best pizza restaurants near UCL!

2. Thai Metro

Thai Metro is an East Asian treat that will hit all the right savoury spots. Claimed as ‘amazing’ by at least three of my mates, one of which is a regular, it’s the perfect place to take your mates for a post-museum lunch in one of the most culture-filled parts of town. It has a Pad Thai made to impress, and is just 10 minutes away from both UCL and SOAS, so it’s great for a cheeky study break!


3. Bibimbap

I went to Bibimbap for a friend’s birthday and was not disappointed. Named after the Korean dish of bibimbap, which consists of noodles, a fried egg and a mix of veggies. The restaurant is very affordable for central London and has great vegetarian options if you’re going on a Meat-free Monday. The pretty-looking plates will come out to you quickly and will warm your belly straight before you head back to Cruciform.

4. Homeslice Fitzrovia

The Wells Street branch is only a 12 minute walk from the Quad, and though it’s the second pizza place on the list, it’s definitely not the same as Iccos. Homeslice has artisanal toppings that you can mix and match with half and half pizzas! It’s open until 11pm so it’s not quite a post-night-out kinda place, but it’s a great one to stuff your face with for an extremely satisfying dinner, and isn’t that the dream really? This is one of the best restaurants near UCL!

5. Murger Han

This Euston restaurant gives quick service and punchy Chinese flavours. A Murger is a Chinese burger and is one of the dishes on the menu. Murger Han’s fare is freshly made every day and will definitely gratify that craving for good Chinese food.

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6. Honest Burgers

The branches all over London really are a testament to how Honest-ly good these burgers are. It’s a great date night spot to visit with the guy you met at UCL mixed Lacrosse, if you both love good food and don’t mind getting a bit messy. The high-quality meat and generous portions mean you’ll probably go back for a fifth or sixth time.

7. Albertini

This sweet Italian restaurant might make it to your top favourite places in the city. Italian food is made exquisite by the simplicity of the ingredients used, and Albertini really does the cuisine justice. If good service really makes a difference for you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the delightful staff here. Would recommend.


8. Roti King

This restaurant is so hidden you might think it doesn’t exist, but when you get to the basement restaurant, enjoy sampling the flavoursome Malaysian dishes Roti King has cooked up. You might have to wait for a half an hour or so on a busy night but the aromatic and authentic street food served here is worth the wait, especially if you’ve got a pesky delay next door at Euston Station.

What restaurants near UCL have you been to and which ones will you try? Let us know in the comments below!

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