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Restaurants In Southampton For A First Date

Restaurants In Southampton For A First Date

Going on a first date? Here are restaurants in Southampton for a first date that are perfect. You won't go wrong with these Southampton date restaurants

Guys can feel a lot of pressure on a first date. I mean, you’re not just impressing a girl you’ve liked but also competing with her fantasies. If she grew up on Disney, you’re competing with princes with golden locks and kisses that resurrect you from the dead. If she likes rom-coms, you’re competing with Hugh Grant the handsome and timid book keeper and Ryan Gosling, the player turned devoted boyfriend. That’s a lot to compete with and overcome in just a few hours. And the venue, is a big part of that. So, here are some places that might get you on some You’ve Got Mail territory. Check out these restaurants in Southampton for a first date.

1. Bella Italia

Whether Italian is your favourite or not, you can’t deny the romantic associations Italy has. Maybe it’s all Lady and the Tramp’s fault. But the point is, it’s romantic and it works. Bella Italia lives up to the hype with its warm décor. While they are a big chain, their restaurant’s have that mom and pop feel to it, which give the place an added intimacy, which is just what you need for a great first date atmosphere. And if you want to go the extra mile and nudge a meatball towards her with your nose, that’s your call. Bella Italia is a one of those perfect restaurants in Southampton for a first date.

2. The Cove

When you really want to pull out all the stops, The Cove, is definitely one of the ones you go for. Located on the waterfront by the marina, you can’t ask for better placement. The restaurant is chic and sophisticated and the menu boasts an extensive wine list. And while I don’t recommend doing weird sniffing of wines to impress your date, a guy who at least knows what different wine is is a rare find when you go to university with boys who play ring of fire nightly. With the gorgeous food and gorgeous surroundings, you couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting for a first date. Seriously, it is one of the most romantic restaurants in Southampton for a first date.



3. Quay Fifteen

Quay Fifteen is a popular spot in Southampton, boasting a menu that doesn’t just have delicious European dishes. But dishes that are presented in picturesque, gourmet style. Food that looks so amazing, you’ll feel guilty destroying such a work of art.

If you got a girl who’s a foodie, or just one who likes the idea of dining at an award winning restaurant this is the place to take her on the first date.


4. Greg’s Bistro

Located near the Mayflower Theatre, Greg’s Bistro makes for great dining especially if you have tickets to a show after. While it also possesses European cuisine presented in a gourmet style, it comes in at a modest price point while still retaining an atmosphere of sophistication. Plus with the theatre right across the street, that’s the whole date planned for you, really. You’re welcome. This is one of the best restaurants in Southampton for a first date.


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5. Bayleaf Kitchen

For those of you who enjoy the spicier side of life, Bayleaf kitchen is the way to go. With mouth-watering Indian food and flowers adorning each and every table. You could not land on a better place to combine the beautiful offerings of another culture and the romantic ambiance needed to prove to a girl you are her Ryan Gosling in disguise.

6. Grand Café

The Grand Café certainly lives up to it’s name. Located on Terminus Terrace, the building is as extravagant as you would think. The furniture has a touch of the lavish, but not anything too gawdy and the food of course is good enough you’d have no trouble convincing a girl of your leading man status under their stunning chandeliers. A perfect first date spot, indeed.

7. La Baronia

While it is more rustic than some of the other choices, La Baronia still has a certain unparalleled charm about it. Located on a road in Portswood it sits, with a wooden patio adorned with intricate vines intertwined with fairy lights which cast a warm glow at night. The food is authentic Mexican cuisine and award winning too. Even if you’re awkward and nervous, I think with the romantic ambiance cast by the night and the lights and the food, you’ll find it hard to falter with this first date restaurant.

I have given you the tools to be great. So, go. Buy her flowers, wear a nice shirt and take her on a date. Who knows, you might just be sharing true love’s kiss (or some more realistic estimation of it) at the end of the evening. Good luck! Have you been to any of these restaurants in Southampton for a first date?
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