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10 Restaurants With the Best Outside Seating In Newcastle

10 Restaurants With the Best Outside Seating In Newcastle

These are the restaurants with the best outside seating in Newcastle. If you're looking for a spot to chill outdoors this summer then check out our article!
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Newcastle offers a lot of amazing restaurants spread across the city. Many agree that the best ones are the restaurants with outdoor seating, especially now that everyone is out here trying to enjoy the sun as much as they can. It may be slightly difficult to know where the best ones are located around the city so here is a list of 10 restaurants with the best outside seating in Newcastle.

1. Bonbar

Bonbar definitely deserves its reputation as the best outside seating in Newcastle. Located in the heart of the city, Bonbar is a three-in-one spot: restaurant, bar and late lounge. It is in the iconic assembly rooms building but has a spacious outside area, overlooking the old town city centre. At just 10 minutes walk from Newcastle central station, this place offers a variety of food and events, from their traditional Sunday lunch to the afternoon tea. All enjoyable from the outside seating facing the sun. The weekends at Bonbar are considered a huge thing as it becomes a club in the late lounge area. People seem to be loving this place and bookings run out quickly so you might need to book weeks in advance if you are planning to pay them a visit.

2. The Botanist

The Botanist is one of the most popular restaurants in the city due to the stunning and centric location. Situated in Newcastle’s Monument Mall and spread across two floors, this restaurant has a lovely garden terrace that offers stunning views over the city centre. This vintage point outside seems to be the spot everyone tries to get as soon as they get inside the restaurant. At the Botanist, diners can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, offered with live music every day, as they appreciate the stunning view and the sun.

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3. Pitcher and piano

Pitcher and piano is another popular spot that fills in quickly on sunny days. It has got a picturesque location, overlooking the River Tyne and one of Newcastle’s iconic and proudest monuments: the Millennium bridge. Pitcher and piano is the ideal spot for these summer afternoons, where you can relax on their outside terrace with a glass of wine or your favourite cocktail. However, you may have to go there early as it gets busy quickly, especially during the weekends

Check out the best outdoor seating in Newcastle for this summer!

4.Dabbawal Jesmond

Dabbawal is an authentic Indian street food restaurant with 2 different locations in Newcastle. One of these is in Jesmond, a leafy suburban neighbourhood, very popular and typically known as the student area. Dabbawal has a lovely veranda, which creates a relaxed environment where diners can enjoy the authentic Indian street food with friends and family. This restaurant was awarded one of the best UK street food pioneers, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Check out the best outdoor seating in Newcastle for this summer!


Barluga has the privilege of being located in Grey Street, which was once voted as one of Britain’s most beautiful streets. The unique venue also has a pleasant outdoor area, where diners can sit and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city centre. Barluga is popular for its sophisticated dishes that praise the authentic British cuisine. The food is great and the location is perfect, right in the heart of the city.

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6.Las iguanas

Las iguanas is located in two distinctive areas in the city: one restaurant is in Grey Street, the vintage most centric area of Newcastle and the other is located at the Quayside, the modern and innovative area of this lively Geordie city. Las iguanas’ specialities are south American flavours, with various tapas, Brazilian or Mexican burritos and much more. All enjoyable sitting inside and outside.

7. Cake stories

This Cake house is located in the suburban area of Jesmond. This lovely family run cakery offers more than just cake. They have a wide and detailed menu which they have been expanding and polishing since opening in 2015. Breakfast and lunch are also served throughout the week and they are also open till late.

8.Olive and Bean

Olive and Bean is yet another spot situated in the heart of the city centre. You can easily find this coffee in the two storey original Grainger building and a spacious pavement seating area right outside. This place is special for it’s wonderful cake which recipes are secretly preserved.

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9.Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian’s location is definitely one of the most convenient: the outdoors seating directly faces Newcastle’s monument, in the heart of the city. It is a very good spot where you can spend a nice afternoon enjoying the vibrant atmosphere that is given by street artists every day and different weekend markets


Last but not least, Gusto is another lovely restaurant that has best outside seating in Newcastle, you absolutely need to check it out this summer. Located in a perfect setting near Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Baltic Art Gallery, they have a lovely terrace to enjoy those sunshine days. Their menu is a combination of Mediterranean flavours.

What is do you think is the best outside seating in Newcastle? Let us know in the comments section below!

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