Relationships Vs. Friendships: What’s Worth The Priority?

Have you ever wondered what was more important in the relationships vs. friendships dilemma? Here is our view on the subject.

Nothing or no one should come in between the two, but this is a lot easier said than done. so who has priority in the relationships vs. friendships battle?

Unfortunately, we’ve all been there – a friend gets into a new relationship and you either never see them again, or their partner is always around, which raises a question – which is worth the priority?

Is it even possible to maintain both relationships when you are caught in the relationships vs. friendships battle?


When you find yourself torn in the relationships vs. friendships conflict, things become complicated and life can become extremely difficult for everyone involved, especially if you’re the one stuck in the middle as it becomes a game of tug and war as you feel like you’re being pulled in all directions.

Friendships and romantic relationships are two of the most important human connections to exist. However, friendships are often disregarded and end up taking a backseat when a new love interest comes along. For some unknown reason, it seems that we are all supposed to comply with the unspoken rule that romantic relationships are more important than the latter: but are they?

They are very similar types of relationships


When you actually compare the two, both aren’t so different from each other – while a relationship can offer you comfort and stability, friendships also offer you these elements. So why does the thought of spending the rest of our lives with a friend never enter our minds even though this is what generally happens.

Of course, romantic relationships are exciting and mark a significant new chapter in a person’s life but by no fault but our own, we have a tendency to let them consume everything that we do as we forget that our friends exist when we become involved with someone. Maybe it’s just down to greed and a mix of arrogance, but while you’re on cloud nine and so caught up within the moment, you haven’t even realised that you’ve spent little time with your friends which leaves them feeling frustrated and can often result in your friends disliking your partner which leads to a hostile and awkward atmosphere because they feel as though they are less important and don’t matter to you anymore.

The change of the dynamics plays a huge part as it’s a contributing factor to such problems. Change is not easy and can often be overwhelming, if you’ve been single for a while, more so than anyone else in your friendship group it can be difficult for you to transition and for your friends to adapt to the change, especially if everyone else is single and you’re the only one in a relationship. It’s this change that easily leads to you getting your priorities mixed up, i.e. ditching your friends last minute and making plans with your partner, even though you saw them less than 72 hours ago.


So how can you be a good partner while also being a good friend?

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Well it’s all about finding the perfect balance between your love life and spending time with your friends.


Begin by taking a step back to view your relationships, first with you and your partner, and then with you and your friends. Try to put yourself in their shoes and consider each person’s feelings, both towards one another and the situation.

Never forget that a friend is ‘a person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally’, always remember this – your friends are not out to ruin your relationship and are not causing ‘problems’ on purpose.

Once you’ve done the previous steps, do what is obvious and talk. By discussing the situation with your partner and friends individually, you will be able to understand where each party is coming from.


Now the only thing left to do is to be honest with everyone involved, especially yourself. You shouldn’t feel guilty when it comes to spending time with your partner, neither should you feel guilty when it comes to spending time with your friends. Finally, you must remember that you can’t be everywhere at once as there is only one of you. It’s important that you know this and everyone else does too.

So what do you think is more important? Have you ever faced a relationships vs. friendships situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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