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20 Pieces Of Relationship Advice For Women 

20 Pieces Of Relationship Advice For Women 

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Relationships in 2018 have changed, people have and so have the tasks set out by those around us. It isn’t easy, and it should be but that doesn’t mean that these 20 tips cant help.

  1. Be Confident:

Before you can lear to love or even be with someone else you first have to be confident and happy enough with yourself. It is key into giving off the right first impression and it does wonders in how you see yourself/ reflect in another eyes.


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  1. It’s ok to look sexy:

In any relationship physical attributes are always key for both partners. Whether male o female mix it up, buy a cute outfit, go for some lingerie, whatever it does to make you feel sexy. Just remember it’s not always about looks but sexiness is a powerful leader in confidence and goes hand in hand to start off any relationship on a positive note.

  1. Don’t rush yourself:

You may not even be ready for a relationship, its daunting its new but it should also make you feel ready to take on that unexplored challenge. So always be prepared or if you’re a risk taker go for it! To come together in any relationship you should always let time take its natural course.

  1. Talk about yourself

How are you ever meant to know what someone else is looking for or thinking if you both don’t talk about yourself. Not just simple likes dislikes, hobbies but also not too intense subjects like marriage and babies. Instead find a happy medium and for someone to take an interest and remember things about you is actually great towards any relationship because after all it’s the little things that count.

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  1. Listen

It seems like a simple step but they key to knowing anyone even yourself is to listen. We all talk above and beyond each other but sometimes its nice to sit back and listen and be attentive. If you can follow such as easy task imagine how great your relationship could become. It opens up a new level of communication and everyone is heard.

  1. Don’t get hung up on changing someone

Many relationships fail because someone is trying to mold another into their ways but this can actually have adverse effects and create tension. Let someone change to who they want to be and everything else can fall into place.

  1. Not everyone is a mind reader

Relationships are scary yes but they don’t have to be, it’s the same as previous about talking and listening. You should have to wait to say or do the right thing or except someone to know in that same way, so don’t except your other half to know without telling them, be open let them know.

  1. Don’t except everlasting love

Relationships don’t always end well, they always last and although he or she isn’t the one it doesn’t have to end badly or be a wasted effort. If it doesn’t work out find out why, or decide to call it quits and part on good terms. Love is hard and it takes work, we don’t feel it with everyone and that’s ok so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find the one but also don’t take it for granted.

  1. Lets talk about sex

Its going to happen if both are consenting and ready, so if that magical moment arrives feel ready for yourself and for them. Talk about it, laugh about it, hell even practice it. That’s why role play can be super fun! Sex is important in relationships not to make it last but each individual has different needs to cater for. It can be scary but it doesn’t have to be, find out what each other likes, use this advantage from your openness.

  1. Be unconventional

Take away the traditional values of a relationship and cater for what you both need. There’s a reason you both want to try for a relationship, if so why so and how can you work to get what you both want and need. Ties have changed such as sexual preferences, our lives, values and what a relationship even stands for. Sp find what you want and mix it up with someone of the same understanding.

  1. Put in the work

Many relationships fail due to lack of effort, this is normally when the ‘honeymoon period’ has ended and you’ve both become comfortable in your ways. You shouldn’t settle for your ways but always keep finding something new for you both. There’s a reason you stay together and want each other and that requires a team effort.


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  1. Don’t compare

A huge killer is people comparing their relationships to others, such as friends, family or even as far as celebs on social media. Everyone is different and understand this. No one has it done perfectly but together they work, don’t be fake and don’t cut yourself short that you aren’t doing too well just because another couple you admire are. You have your own ways and if it works then no one else should matter.

  1. Don’t overthink it!

Overthinking can lead to overanalyzing and causing issues even at the beginning of a relationship. Questioning your relationship with each other is good, eve healthy but to constantly look into it and pick at everything can be damaging. Some things are meant to just be and accept that for each other and yourself.

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  1. It should be what you want

Any relationship even in the beginning or through a rough patch can show and test your wants and needs. So always be sure its what you actually want and not what society or family want for you. That you are sick of the constant harassment or feel you need a relationship but its not what you want. It’s the biggest mistake anyone can make and its unfair to anyone involved.

  1. Bond together, be curious

To be curious is an instinct to want to try something new, especially important when opening up in a relationship. To be curious allows you to slowly learn about someone and how we are all different and that is the best way to bond.

  1. Be your own people, do your own thing

Relationships aren’t about fancy dates, spending lots of money and being together constantly. No its about what you both want to be and how to feel most comfortable. No one knows what they are doing and as before no two people are the same but they do want to try and that is not the most important point to make. So do your ow thing, still feel your independence but also know that someone could be falling in love with you the same way you could be.

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  1. Communicate

Call, text, email or chat to each other but always communicate. Isn’t that the whole point of any relationship is wanting to get to know someone better, speak to them and be with them. You don’t always have to be around but anyone will tell you that someone asking even about your day is  one simple measure that someone is thinking about you. Don’t be afraid to communicate any way that suits you, just always leave it open.

  1. Always leave them guessing

Mystery is us being curious about something or someone and to leave a little mystery into learning something new in a relationship creates that edge that anyone craved in the first place. We all enjoy learning something new even if we have known someone for so long, it makes us human and to know that we will always have mystery keeps us second guessing.

  1. Never lose yourself

Sometimes we give up part of who we are, our identity when we begin a relationship. Its sometimes unexpected or it can be through no fault of our own that we head down this path. But we cannot change who we are fully, we can adapt yes but it is important to never lose sight of who you are and what you stand for.

  1. Be supportive

People can be very vulnerable these days, we need each other to survive and sometimes this is what relationships can become. It isn’t bad but it can make us happy and leave us wanting more. The support of other is overwhelming and only spreads positivity, to also return that support and watch someone flourish, together van be powerful and create a lasting relationship, and isn’t that the whole reason we do it?