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10 Relatable Things Anyone Who Fake Tans Understands

10 Relatable Things Anyone Who Fake Tans Understands

The struggles of self tanning are one of the most relatable things we all struggle with in the world of beauty. Here's some humor in light of it.

Life isn’t easy when you’re pale. You blend into the sand at the beach, and everyone thinks it’s hilarious to call you Casper and laugh at the way the sun reflects off your pasty skin. So I think we can all agree that we are happiest when tanned, the comfort of a fake tan is just one of the super relatable things we all face in the beauty world.

Being a golden goddess gives you a confidence boost and makes you feel like you can tackle anything. There will be people who don’t understand why you tan and why you don’t like being pale, but who cares?! You are not alone in this and there are thousands of people who have a strict tanning regime.

Fake tan has become mainstream, and even public figures are fake tanning and advertising it on social media and television. Artificially bronzed skin has become the new normality- as the troubles of fake tanning are real, relatable things. As one would expect, more and more companies want a piece of the self-tanning pie and are coming up with their own line of products so it is super easy to get your hands on fake tan nowadays and join the trend. To celebrate our love of being orange, here are 10 things only fake tan users will understand.


1. You cannot own white bed sheets

If you can fake tan and lay in white bedsheets without leaving a trail of brown splodges then you deserve an award. It is inevitable that the bed will look like a war zone after you have tanned.

2. People look at you weirdly when you go to fake tan at 11pm

I don’t see the problem with needing to go tan late at night. I tan overnight so I am not sat uncomfortably during the day in a layer of sticky brown-ness.


3. Your back is blotchy

One of the most relatable things and struggles of self tanning- not being able to reach your back! Unless you are highly skilled, or get somebody else to tan your back, you will always have a slightly paler patch on your upper back.

4. After a few days your skin starts to look diseased

Let’s be honest after being a golden goddess for a few days, a week if you are lucky, your skin starts to go patchy and you look like a reptile.

5. You own two foundations

If you are an avid fake tanner you will have one foundation for when you are tanned and one for when you are not. Unless you are like me and just own the foundation for when you are tanned as you tan so often you’re never pale.


6. All your white tops have slightly orange armpits

This is just like the bedding situation, if you fake tan you will be so nervous to wear white and when you do you will leave a nice orange blotch in the garments armpit.

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7. You have probably cancelled on plans because you haven’t fake tanned

I have 100% done this. Your friends want to spontaneously go out and text you ‘are you down?’ But oh no the spontaneity doesn’t line up with your tanning schedule so you make an excuse for why you can’t go.


8. You look weird without fake tan and feel naked

People stop and stare at you without tan because you look so different. I for one feel completely naked and unlike my-self when I haven’t tanned

9. Your clothing choice depends on whether you have tanned or not

You couldn’t possibly wear a low neckline if your neck tan doesn’t match your arms. And god forbid you gets your legs out if your leg tan is patchy.

 10. There is sometimes a line of untanned skin on your face

We have all been there; whether it is from dribbling in your sleep, brushing your teeth or crying, it is inevitable.


Every fake tanner knows how these relatable things are and the struggle we all know of slightly orange hands and elbows. Which do you relate to most?

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