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10 Refreshing Vodka Drinks For A Wild Summer Night

10 Refreshing Vodka Drinks For A Wild Summer Night

Refreshing Vodka drinks to sip on a wild summer night in a cocktail party, alongside the beach or in your own garden are listed here. Try them this summer!

“Vodka Drinks”, the name by itself sounds refreshing. With summer round the corner, Vodka cocktails will best suit to get yourself refreshed and feel light on a wild summer night. Beat up this summer heat with some smooth and refreshing drinks! Check out the list of 10 refreshing Vodka drinks to have on a wild summer night, you’ll thank us later.

1. Sea Breeze

As the name hints, Sea Breeze, one of the Vodka drinks is the perfect summer cocktail to beat up the warm weather. Sea Breeze contains Vodka, Cranberry and grape juices which are the perfect mix to sit back and sip on a breezy summer night. Do not miss out on this mix!

2. Melon Ball

How about adding on some fresh Melon balls to your Vodka drink? With Melon as a base flavor, this Vodka cocktail is one of the refreshing drinks with a mellow taste which you definitely need to try on a summery day.


3. Moscow Mule

This cocktail with a mix of Vodka, ginger beer and lime which is best served in a Copper mug gives a special kick to the drink. Do not forget to generously sprinkle on some crushed ice on top to balance the gingery taste which also makes your drink perfect for the summer night.


4. Cosmopolitan

Vodka, Cranberry juice and a sprinkle of freshly squeezed sweetened lime form the perfect Cosmopolitan or Cosmo, one of the delicious fruity Vodka drinks to kick back your summer, though it is one of the perfect cocktails to have any time of the year.

5. Coconut Vodka Soda

Nothing like having Coconut water on a warm day. Adding on the magic waters to your Vodka soda on a summer night can do wonders. Make your Vodka cocktail, a healthy drink by adding on the coconut water for a relaxing night. Do try Amsterdam, coconut flavored Vodka for it is a decent pull of the bottle that goes well with the Coconut water.

6. French Martini

If you are after some refreshing stronger Vodka drinks, then French martini is definitely for you. Its a mix of Vodka, Chambord and Pineapple extract. Chambord is a French drink which is a mix of black raspberries, honey, vanilla and herbs which makes your drink a strongly flavored one. This stronger Vodka drink is perfect to have on a wild summer refreshing night.


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7. Black Cow Vodka

It’s one of its kind Vodka brand, made up of cow’s milk. This crystal clear Vodka is best taken along with some light food. This is also the smoothest Vodka which will make you feel refreshed on a wild summer night.


8. Jungle Mule

One of the strongest Vodka drinks with a spicy and gingery mix. Ginger beer, Campari and Vodka are mixed up for the cocktail which will make you feel fresh on a wild summer night.

9. Chase Vodka

This brand is one of the best British Vodka drinks which you got to try mixing in a cocktail with your own flavors. This Vodka is made of potatoes and it is gluten-free. Imagine your wild summer night alongside the chasing waves, munching on your crisps and sipping your refreshing Vodka drink.


10. Aermoor Vodka

Have you always wanted a refreshing spirit which tastes delicious? Here is one of the delicious and creamiest Vodka drinks to cheer you up this summer. It just feels like having a cake with cream cheese frosting which is vanilla and strawberry flavored.

Try out the above refreshing Vodka drinks this summer. Share your Vodka experiences with us in the comment box below!

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