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The Most Refreshing Summer Slushie Recipes To Make At Home

The Most Refreshing Summer Slushie Recipes To Make At Home

The best summer slushie recipes that are not only delicious but pretty healthy as well! Indulge in these refreshing drinks all summer long!

Isn’t even the word slushie so much fun? Slushies can have health benefits, depending on the fruits you use and the sugar content, but generally, home-made slushies are pretty good for you. They’re much better than the unnaturally red and blue churned slush from your youth anyway. These non-alcoholic slushies are gorgeous for a chill weekend, party or afternoons at the beach. So, here are some delicious summer slushie recipes you can enjoy all season long!

Mango Slushie

Mangoes are by far the most superior fruit, and if you prefer bananas or strawberries you’re just plain wrong. Pakistani mangoes are the sweetest and most juicy I’ve tried so far, and they can be found pretty easily in South Asian shops from May until a few months afterwards. To make a fresh mango slushie (though you can use mango pulp instead if it’s not the right season), peel and dice your mango, blend them up, add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 cups of ice, and there you have a delicious alternative to a fresh mango lassi if you’re craving a dairy-free drink. A super delicious option for summer slushie recipes!

Coffee Slushie

Coffee slush is the perfect combo between a cool drink and a coffee addict’s pick me up. Use whichever type of coffee you like, and as much as you like depending how strong you like it and make yourself a regular cup o’ joe. Let it cool for a teeny bit and pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze. Once all frozen you can take 8 cubes and mix with the milk of your choice, and add your sugar or chocolate powder or any other desired sweetener and blend it all up! So much better than that iced Starbucks nonsense.


Blackberry And Raspberry Slushie

Berries can be a little bit tart, so this slushie requires some sort of sweet juice like an apple or orange juice unless you want to be making a funny sort of face when you drink it. Blend up your ice, berries and juice and you have a speedy, simple, satisfying slushie. How many ‘s’ words can you fit into a sentence? Another great option for summer slushie recipes!

Virgin Pina Colada Slushie

Again, fresh fruit is the goal with this one. Blend together fresh pineapple pieces together, if you have them, pineapple juice and coconut milk, if you like Pina Colada, and getting caught in the rain (Google the Rupert Holmes song if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Serve in a chilled glass in a coconut shell if you want to feel like you’re in the Caribbean.

Matcha Slushie

Matcha has both detoxing qualities and is metabolism boosting. Matcha teas and lattes are extremely popular right now, but if the weather is too warm for a hot antioxidizing drink then a matcha slushie will provide you with the same benefits without getting you flustered. Mix boiled water with matcha powder (the quantity will depend on how much slush you’re making- different powders have varying potencies). Blend this with your choice of milk and ice; agave nectar can also be added for a sweeter flavour.

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Pepsi Slushie

This should be fairly self-explanatory, but many make the mistake of freezing a soft drink in a container, which can result in a small explosion inside your freezer and a big mess! Instead just blend your Pepsi with some ice to produce the best results.

Cucumber And Lime Slushie

A cucumber and lime slushie will give you an at-a-spa feeling. An at-a-Thai-spa feeling. If you use Thai basil. If you use normal basil then you’ll probs just feel like you’re at a normal spa, which isn’t too bad. To make this simmer evaporated cane juice and water and add Thai basil, let it cool and then blend with crushed ice, fresh lime juice and diced cucumber. The slushie aesthetic will be pretty cute too. A healthy and yummy option for summer slushie recipes!


Watermelon, honeydew, tropical fruit and Fanta slushies are other fab options, and they’re made in the same ways! What summer slushie recipes will you try? Let us know in the comments below!