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10 Red Prom Dress Looks To Earn The Prom Queen Crown

10 Red Prom Dress Looks To Earn The Prom Queen Crown

10 Red Prom Dress Looks To Earn The Prom Queen Crown

A red prom dress may be just what you need to secure that prom queen crown. Red is the colour to grab people’s attention – it’s sexy, bold, romantic and shows off your confidence. If you want to grab attention and dazzle people throughout the night, then you definitely need to consider a red dress – but the question is, what style? From traditional ballrooms to bodycon mermaid dresses, here are 10 red dresses that are guaranteed to draw eyes and make you the talk of the dance.

1. Queen Of Hearts

If you want to feel like a queen at prom then this dress could be the one. It’s grand ballroom dress made of silk with a poofy tulle skirt. The floral details add texture to the dress and the black embellishments really bring it together and prevent the dress from being too monochrome. It gives serious Alice In Wonderland vibes and if you’re into that then this may be your dream dress.


2. All About The Detail

You already have the red base sorted so all you’re missing is some details on the dress to grab people’s attention. The form-fitting mermaid dress below has beautiful beading and shimmery details that flow along the bodice and down the skirt. It’s a dress that’ll look absolutely amazing at night when the light hits.

3. Hollywood Glam

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, then you can’t go wrong with this dress style. It’s a tight, form-fitting dress with a mermaid train to create a beautiful silhouette that shows off your curves. The off the shoulder sleeves also add a hint of fun and sexiness to complete your look.

4. High-Low

This deep wine-red high-low dress is perfect if you love dancing. A lot of the time, tight bodycon dresses or huge ballgowns can limit your movement – but not this dress style. The shorter front lets some leg and skin peep out for a bit of fun, but the lower back means that you can still retain some of the elegance of a maxi dress. This flowy dress is perfect if you’re looking to dance the night away.


5. Jessica Rabbit

This Jessica Rabbit-esque dress is the one to have if you want to feel sexy and confident. While more original than the cartoon femme fatale’s dress, you still have an amazing exposed back and a tight glittery dress to accentuate your shape.

6. A Marilyn-Inspired Look

This dress gives definite Marilyn Monroe vibes, with the main difference being that the skirt is a little longer. This type of dress is classy, timeless and although less revealing than some dresses, it’s still sexy thanks to the silhouette it gives.


7. Go Big Or Go Home

If you want to be the centre of attention, why not go big? This ballroom style dress will make you feel like a princess thanks to its huge tulle skirt. The dress also has some small but beautiful details and embellishments along the skirt and bodice to really bring out that “wow” factor.

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8. Simple Contrasts

This dress style is very simple but that doesn’t stop it from being beautiful. In fact, the simplicity of this dress may be its strongest point. The dark corset-like bodice and lighter tulle skirt are all about creating contrasts – whether its colour, shape or texture. It creates dynamic and makes this an interesting look.


9. Sleek Silk

If you’re all about keeping things classy and simple then you may want to consider getting a sleek silk dress – and a red one at that. Nothing looks more sensual than a red dress made out of silk.

10. A Fun Two-Piece

If you’re tired of traditional dresses and really want to feel unique and fun then a two-piece dress may be the answer. This dress style definitely gives party vibes and the exposed midriff shows that you’re confident and know how to have a good time.


Which red prom dress is your favourite? Are you a fan of red? What’s your favourite dress style? Let us know in the comments below!

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