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10 Red Eye Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Wear

10 Red Eye Makeup Looks You’ll Want To Wear

Red eye makeup looks are perfect for more occasions then you may think! These are the best red eyeshadow makeup ideas that you'll want to wear! From dark reds to sultry lighter shades, you'll love these smokey eye ideas!

For a long time, the colour red has been restricted to clothes, lips and nails in beauty. But we think it’s time for it to be accepted as a normal colour for our eyes too. And while it seems daunting (varying shades of brown have done us just fine until now), it’s something to be considered. Here are a few red eye makeup looks to get you seriously on board:

1. Raspberry Halo

The halo is a sure way to have your eyes looking glam as hell, so why not make it red? Focus a copper or gold glitter on the centre of your lid, and build the red into both corners. make sure to blend through the crease for the best kind of halo.

2. Red Liner

The plain black wing is trustworthy and reliable, and we’re not saying to let it go, we’re suggesting an upgrade. Try it out in liquid for a bold look, or use a pencil and smudge upwards for a more subtle (and less terrifying) look.


3. Glossy Lid

So, it’s sticky, but it’s also the way to create drama, and convince people you are in fact, an MUA. Go bold, or stick to a more toned down red that sits just on your eyelid. A subtle lip is recommended.

4. Red and Purple

The two colours shouldn’t really go together in any other sense, but if done right can look incredible. Choose super pigmented shades, and blend like you’ve never blended before to create the fiercest eye look possible. Falsies are a must though.

5. Straight Red

Okay, so it’s not technically straight red because it’s best to have a transition pink, but the majority is. This is a powerful look, so highlighting the inner corner and brow bone is essential if you prefer a less dramatic vibe.


6. Sunset Eye

Sunset shading is tricky to do but looks incredible, and basically give you Summer on your face. Start with the lighter colours first, working your way onto the lower lid. Blending is key if you want to avoid looking like a rainbow ice lolly.

7. Smokey Red

One of the more subtle ways to include red in your makeup routine would be a smoky red. Pile on browns with red undertones and your eyes will sparkle- without drawing too much attention. Plus, you can wear any kind of lip colour with this one.

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8. With White Liner

The contrast between the fierceness of red and elegance of white makes for some amazing, insta-worthy makeup. White liner is the perfect transition from day to night and can be included in any kind of makeup look- cut crease, halo, or smokey.

9.  Subtle Copper Red

The least attention-grabby look of the lot is this one. A light dash of coppery burnt red across the lid can be worn anytime, anywhere, but can definitely match up with the other looks. Its also easy to apply- you can dab it on with your fingers.

10. Red Cut Crease

This is one of the best red eye makeup looks reserved for the bravest of souls -the cut crease. They are hard, no matter how many tricks you might have heard, and take AGES. But, they look gorgeous and super flattering for any eye shape. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


What do you think of these red eye makeup looks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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