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10 Recipes You Should Know By Heart

10 Recipes You Should Know By Heart

10 Recipes You Should Know By Heart

As we grow up there are many different recipes that we will try – whether it is successful or unsuccessful – over time. Entering the world of adulthood is all about learning new things and starting to look after yourself, this includes learning to cook. There are many different things that you can cook that may be quite hard or simply easy.

While trying out many things is a good way to learn it is also important to learn certain recipes by heart that are staples and necessities for your life. These recipes are simple, easy, quick and delicious to make meals and snacks that will never get old.

1. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs is an excellent breakfast recipe that steps in up from plain old friend eggs. They are simple and easy to make and definitely yummy! After many years of testing, the best scrambled eggs recipe that I have found is:

  • 2-3 eggs per person
  • 1 tablespoon of milk per egg
  • A handful of cheese
  • Salt
  • Pepper

The method is simple – whisk all ingredients in a bowl until combined, pour into and hot pan and keep it moving constantly until all cooked, simple!

2. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes is another of our easy recipes. It makes a great side to any meal – a roast, sausages, stew, etc. Taking only four ingredients and less than 30 minutes to make this recipe is definitely one that is easy to remember! Check out a recipe here. 

3. Bolognese Pasta Sauce

While everyone should know how to make pasta, being able to make pasta sauce is definitely a necessity. This is another of our recipes that we believe you should know how to make. Bolognese pasta sauce is made up of tomatoes, spices, garlic and beef. Learn how to make it here!


4. Pancakes

Another of our breakfast recipes that you should know by heart is pancakes. An awesome pancake recipe is available here.  Being able to make pancakes right off the bat will definitely improve your morning with a sweet and delicious first meal to start the day off.

5. Fried Rice

Make fried rice with this easy recipe that we have found. Fried rice is a great dish to make that is delicious and versatile and can be used as a side dish or main dish. It could be a perfect lunch or dinner option.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Knowing how to make chocolate chip cookies is a great way to make sure you always have a delicious snack around the house. This is the yummiest of our recipes (and you might want to cheat little a put it on the fridge). Here is an easy to follow chocolate chip cookie recipe. 

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7. Caesar Salad

Knowing how to make a salad is the most important thing for any adult. While throwing vegetables into a bowl and covering it in any type of dressing is a great way to make a salad being able to make a delicious Caesar salad is a great thing to do!

8. French Toast

Another of our breakfast recipes that you should know by heart is french toast. French toast is delicious and can be made savoury or sweet depending on your personal tastes. Here is an easy french toast recipe to get you started. 


9. Stew

Hearty, warm and comforting recipes are another important thing to know by heart for when the weather gets colder. Being able to make a vegetable stew is a delicious and warming thing to eat. Here is a perfect vegetarian stew recipe. 

10. Pizza

The last of our recipes you should know by heart is homemade pizza. This one is super simple because the recipe is totally up to you. All you need is pita wraps and a store-bought pizza sauce and the toppings of your own choice. This includes vegetables, meats and cheeses.

We hope you enjoy these recipes! Let us know in the comments below the recipes that you know by heart.

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