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10 Reasons You Should Date A Scottish Guy

10 Reasons You Should Date A Scottish Guy

Scottish guys make the best boyfriends. Have you been struggling to find love? Maybe it’s because you haven’t been dating a Scot! Here are 10 reasons you should date a Scottish guy.

1. The Accent

First of all, the Scottish accent is amazing. There are lots of different variations on the accent from Glasgwegian to Edinburgh to Doric in the Highlands. Just imagine someone whispering sweet nothings to you in a Scottish accent. Isn’t it amazing? Plus, since they will also use the Scots language, your new Scottish beau will be able to teach you a bunch of new words you’ve never heard before. A sexy accent and you can learn a new language too? What’s not to like?

2. They Wear Kilts (Sometimes)

Okay so they stereotyped idea that Scottish men spend their entire lives in kilts running around the moors is complete nonsense, let’s just get that out the way. However, most Scottish men will don a kilt from time to time when the situation permits. Things like weddings, ceilidhs, Christmas parties, etc. are all chances to see your man in a kilt. Trust me, it is worth it. Whether they are being a “true Scotsman” or not, all men look sexy in a kilt. It’s just Mother Nature’s way.


3. They Don’t Care

Scottish people have a reputation for being permanently angry, but we’re actually a pretty chilled out race. Scottish people are not bothered by anything. A few years ago, we had a full scale hurricane and instead of panicking, we named it Hurricane Bawbag and some guy filmed a trampoline rolling past his front window. If you bag yourself a Scottish boyfriend, they will be so blasé about everything that you will never have to worry about being stressed again.

4. They Are The Funniest People

Have you ever seen Scottish Twitter? Scottish people are hilarious. Their sense of humour is on another level. Take Lewis Capaldi’s ridiculous Instagram and Facebook live streams. That is what Scottish men are like across the country. They find the funny side of everything, like the aforementioned hurricane, and turn the world into one big joke. Also, if you haven’t seen Scottish Twitter, I recommend searching it on Google Images to get a sense of what you are in for when you start dating a Scottish man.


5. They Will Definitely Want To Go On Holiday With You

Listen, Scotland has at the very most two weeks of sunshine a year. This year we had one day that got to 30 degrees and it was brutal, but after that we got rainfall so heavy that towns flooded and hundreds of cars became submerged in an airport car park. As a result, Scottish people want nothing more than to get out of this eternal winter and go somewhere warm. So when you ask your Scottish guy if he wants to go to Spain for a week, he is never going to say no. Dating a Scot means holidays in the sun as often as their wallet permits.

6. They Can Introduce You To Scottish Cuisine

Scottish cuisine isn’t exactly Le Cordon Bleu, but it is certainly special. From deep fried Mars Bars to black pudding, we have a very specific set of foods we are beyond proud of. In Scotland, we take Burns’ Night seriously, which means every year you will be presented with a Burns’ Supper of haggis, neaps and tatties. Haggis is an acquired taste but, if you like it, you will find yourself counting down the days until Burns’ Night. Of course, the stores here sell haggis all year round – so tuck in whenever you like! The Scots are also the masterminds behind a deep fried pizza supper, and if you don’t know what that is then you haven’t lived. Ask your Scottish guy for a bite the next time he orders one from the chippy.


7. They Might Take You To A Ceilidh

I say ‘might’ for a reason. A ceilidh, if you don’t know, is a type of Scottish party where someone plays an accordion and everyone performs traditional Scottish dances. A lot of people enjoy them – the problem is that all Scottish children are taught these dances in school and it is painfully embarrassing. That causes a lot of us to never want to step foot near a ceilidh once we finish school. For those who do like them though, a ceilidh is a chance to let loose and dance until your feet hurt! So if that sounds like you’re kind of thing, find a Scottish guy who loves ceilidhs and get him to teach you the steps!

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8. They Are Hot

This is just a basic fact about Scottish men. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but have you seen Scottish men? James Macavoy, Gerard Butler, David Tennant… There are some seriously sexy men in this country! All you have to do is hit up a Glasgow bar to find a wealth of attractive Scottish guys. Give it a try!

9. They Love Drinking

Another common perception about Scottish people is that they all love to drink – and to be honest, this one is not far from the truth. Scots do love their booze – so if you are someone who likes a cheeky drink, a Scottish guy could be perfect for you! They will be particularly perfect if you enjoy a beer, as that really is a favourite of the Scots – but they can usually be swayed onto a fruity cocktail if you twist their arm hard enough.


10. They Are Tough

Scottish guys do not take crap from anyone – that is a fact. If you’re looking for a man who will stand up for you and keep you safe from harm, you cannot get better than a Scot. We Scots hate injustice and will call it out whenever we see it, so your Scottish boyfriend will not accept any nonsense when it comes to his lady. This makes them particularly useful for walking with you on dark nights or sending to the front door when you don’t know who is there. They are not afraid to fight back when needed.

Does this sound appealing to you? Will you seek out a Scottish boyfriend now? Let us know in the comments!

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