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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Why want a boyfriend when you can have a cat? Here is a list of 5 reasons why cats are monumentally better than boyfriends!

Are you having too much drama with boys and boyfriends? Well, take a step back from the dating scene and focus your attention on something much, much better: your cat. When it comes to spending a night in with my cat or out on a date, we can assure you we would choose the first option. If you disagree with us, read this list of 5 reasons why your cat is better than a boyfriend; and if you don’t have a cat, go adopt one and we’re sure you will agree straight away!

1. Cats look prettier

If you would rather stare at boys than cats, what is going through your head? Have you seen a cat? They are beautiful and regal and can make your heart melt just by looking at them. That face! The fluffiness! Everything about cats is gorgeous. If just the appearance of a cat hasn’t convinced you, they are also a much better photo partner than a boyfriend. You want a serious and sultry selfie? That look is cat’s number one pose. Trying to go for a funnier photo? Your cat will most likely comply and be weird as well.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

2. Cats can’t talk back

Well, they can’t talk back in English. Sometimes you just need someone to rant at, or tell about your day without being interrupted, or you need to ask someone’s opinion. With a boyfriend, you have many possible hurdles you can run into; an opinion you don’t want to hear which can turn into an argument which will just ruin your day. When you talk to your cat, you get an adorable meow in reply instead. Maybe if we could understand what they were saying it wouldn’t be as good, but first off a cat’s meow is the cutest sound in the world, and secondly, you can make up what they are saying back to you!

3. You can get a tattoo of your cat

This is something you see on people again and again and it is not a cute look. Girls, or guys, will get a tattoo of their significant other’s name (or their face – but that’s a tad weird) and then when they break up, need to get it crossed out, removed or covered up. So much hassle and so embarrassing for you. However, getting a tattoo of your cat is a different story. You can’t break up with a cat and you will always love them, and once they are gone it is also the perfect way to remember someone who was such a loving and important part of your life.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

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4. You don’t have to share food

Some days you just wanna stay in and binge eat food, or you want to eat a massive pizza with no one stealing it. Well, if you have a boyfriend, there is a high chance that your food is never just your food – it may start out that way and then it will be stolen, or you might have only a certain amount of food in your nearly empty fridge and have to share it all. Well, with a cat, there is no need for food sharing fear, because you have your human food and they have their cat food, and you will be both happy and content with what you’re eating!

5. Cats don’t cause drama

Boys are such a big source of drama. Among your friends, in your relationship, with your family – I mean, basically all reality TV and soap dramas storylines are based on the drama caused by love, dating and relationships. Some people live for this drama in real life, but mainly we just like to watch it and not deal with it at home. That’s where your cat comes in, they’ll keep your life stress and drama free, and if you do have any drama in your life they will snuggle with you and make you feel 100% better.

5 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Better Than A Boyfriend

Can you think of any more reasons as to why your cat is better than a boyfriend? Comment in the section down below!

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