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6 Reasons Why You Should Put Down Your Phone And Go Outside

6 Reasons Why You Should Put Down Your Phone And Go Outside

Have you ever thought that you are using your phone too much? Here are 6 reasons why you should put down your phone and enjoy your life!

As the development of technologies goes up, there are more ‘duck heads’ millennials we see on the street every day. As you’re playing with your phone, there are so many things you have missed out every second out there in the world. Here are 6 reasons why you should put down your phone and go outside!

First Of All, It’s Better For Your Eyes And Neck

We all know that looking at your screen too much can cause serious damage to your eyes. According to the researchers at the University of Toledo. the blue light from your phone can increase the speed of blindness. However, if your job requires you to work with your phone often, then adding a blue light filter will be a great option. And do not forget to go out for a walk to rest your eyes and mind after 20 minutes looking at your phone undisrupted.

Less Phone Equals Less Stress

We cannot deny the benefits that this form of technologies brings to us; however, when you are holding on your phone for too long, it can cause you stress. You will concern about what your friends just updated on social media, what is the hottest trend right now, etc. Especially when you are in a relationship, you always want to know what is your significant other doing. So put down your phone and go out for a walk since science has proved that put yourself in nature can actually release you from stress.


You Will Be More Productive

When you spend less time on your phone, you can utilize that time to work on your assignments, to read more books, or to go jogging. Basically, you can continue doing what you have been procrastinating. Some useful tips for reducing your screen time is to set a time limit for phone checking and find yourself a new hobby to do in your free time.

You Will Increase Your Chances Making New Friends

Even though we can get a connection through social media, but meeting new people in real life is always the greatest way to get to know somebody. Psychologists have proved that the more you are on your phone, the more people think you are unapproachable. So let’s put down your phone and start socializing! Meeting new people in new places is a brilliant experience, you will never know what surprises they are gonna bring around.

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You Will Be More Connected With Your Social Circle

When was the last time you hang out with your mom? Or spending the night helping your little brother with his math homework? Spend more time with your family, if not now, then when? Calling your friends for a quick meet up at your favorite coffee shop in town. You will not only consolidate stronger relationships among your social circle but also find out that you don’t really need that screen to help you to get connected.

Most Of All, Because It Is A Beautiful Day

If those reasons above haven’t quite convinced you to put down your phone yet, then we believe this one will do. Tell us, have you ever taken a really clear look at the old building which has been there for 100 years in your city? Have you ever actually enjoyed the morning sunrise and the spring breeze? Not quite in a while, right? Just try for one day, put down your phone, not looking at that screen, but actually, look at the life around you, and start the real living.

What else do you think is the reason make you put your phone down? Tell us in the comment below!

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