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7 Reasons Why You Should Leave the Job You Hate and Pursue Your Dream Career

There are many reasons why you may be inclined to remain in the job you hate; you could be earning a good salary, you could be working for a renowned company or you could simply be too comfortable in your current position to muster up the courage to move. However, if you want to be truly happy, it is necessary to leave your job in search of your dream vocation! Here are 7 reasons why you should leave the job you hate and pursue your dream career!

1) You’re De-motivated to Go to Work

one of the primary keys to success – not only in work but also in life – is motivation. If you are consistently de-motivated to work in your current role or company, it is highly unlikely that you will continue to flourish and be successful. At times, it is difficult to see that you are lacking motivation; if you find yourself dreading waking up and getting ready for work in the morning, preferring to call in and pull a sicky, then you know there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Leave your job and follow your dream!

2) You’re Undervalued at Your Current Work Place

If you are always bringing your best, putting in %100 effort and giving your personal time, it can be disheartening when your hard work isn’t being recognised or appreciated. This often happens in large companies and firms, particularly when you are working in a graduate role and are still relatively new, albeit talented. Don’t put up with this treatment; leave your job and go somewhere where your talent and effort are valued and your voice is heard!

3) You’ll Finally Reach Your Full Potential

We all know that enjoying one’s job allows us to work hard and be successful as a result – in a nutshell – reaching our full potential. If you’re stuck doing a job you hate, you won’t be motivated to do your best; consequently, you will not reach your full potential. You deserve better than to hold yourself back in this way. So, take a deep breath, resign, and move on to that dream career!

4) You’ll Spare Yourself the Question of ‘What If’

One of the worst things in life is regretting not doing something you really wanted to do. The question of ‘what if’ is a rather brutal one, as it is nagging and constant and often makes you question yourself and your abilities. If you do not leave your current job that you hate in favour of your dream career, it is likely that this question will seep into your mind and continue to riddle you with doubt. Take the steps that are required to spare yourself of this harrowing question and be free!

5) You Feel You’ve Outgrown Your Current Work Place

The job you’re in right now may be your first ever graduate job. You may have joined it as part of a graduate scheme – which incorporates training – or as an entry-level job. Or, you may simply have been working at the same place, in the same role for years. Whatever the case, you may have got to a point where you feel you have done all that you can in your current role, and have simply outgrown it. You might have more ambition or new idea’s that aren’t being heard or elaborated upon and you’re itching for more! Do it all by pursuing your dream career!

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6) You’re Eager for a Fresh Challenge

If you’re someone who loves a challenge, then staying and working in the same place for a long time – particularly when you hate it – is not conducive to your fighting spirit. You need something more stimulating and robust! Why not undergo a new juicy challenge by pursuing your dream job!

7) You Want to Meet More Like-Minded People

Work isn’t always about enjoyment and fulfillment. Often, it is about knabbing any job you can to pay the bills, whether or not it is in your chosen industry or company. If you’re working in a job that you hate, the chances are the people you work with are not like-minded to you. If you are in search for your professional tribe, then leave your job and seek that dream career where you’re sure to find like-minded individuals!

It may not be easy to make the decision to move from your current place of employment to another, for any number of reasons. Although the move may seem scary and perhaps even risky, sometimes it takes a leap of faith to move onto bigger and better things! What do you think about leaving the job you hate to pursue your dream job? Let us know in the comments!

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