10 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Study Another Language

Languages are the key to any cultures. If you are hesitating whether you should study a foreign language or not, let this article inspire you!

Okay, let’s stop discussing how the globalization process makes you start your foreign language learning process, here are 10 reasons why you should immediately study another right now!

Increase Your Intelligence

Do you know that languages shape the way we think and how we organize everything? By learning a new language, you not only have to remember the vocabulary, the grammar but also how to imitate the sound perfectly. This causes your brain to work more than usual as the rule and sound are different from what you used to use in your everyday daily basic.

10 reasons why you should immediately study another language

You Start To Think In More Directions

A lot of people might not notice, but perhaps you have experienced the different feeling when speaking in another language, the way that you speak is changing, I’m not talking about the sound. I’m talking about your logical thinking when organizing a perfect sentence structure. When being able to speak another language, you read more than a normal person or even friends who don’t take the course to study. Therefore, you widen your knowledge and start to think in a different dimension.

You Have The Chance To Explore A Different Culture

Foreign language learning is the key to any culture around the world, along with cuisine. By learning the language of the people, you will be able to enjoy even more about one nation characteristic than just their food. How the language makes them who they are. The sound of the language itself also represents the soul of the people. If you learn a different language, you will figure out that there is a lot of words doesn’t exist in your language, in more specific, doesn’t have a direct translation, but in another does, and vice versa.

10 reasons why you should immediately study another language

Get In Touch More With Native People, Broaden Your Network

Nelson Mandela once said, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” This is another reason why you should start your foreign language learning journey. By speaking to a man in his language, you have touched his heart and created a beautiful friendship at the moment, also in the future. And we all know, meeting people, having a connection is a gift that we all should embrace.

Increasing The Job Prospect

For example, if you are studying marketing and planning to work in the industry in the future, thus you can speak more than 2 languages, you will probably be more creative, have more reference than your colleague. You can reach for more information, more campaign, and understand why does that campaign work in a specific country but not another. You then will be able to give a peerless evaluation and give your company a proper solution.

And if you cannot find a job in your chosen profession, you can always be an interpreter, or a teacher while you’re looking for a job.

Improve Memory

When starting your foreign language learning journey, you train your brain every day trying to remember new words and understand what does that mean. It also becomes handy whenever you need to discuss situations in life and remembering what you have read, studied in another language makes your conversation becomes more interesting.

Seeing How Big The World Is

Foreign language learning encourages learners to go out of their shells and travel. Seeing how wonderful and big the world is probably will soothing your soul and change your points of view. People who can speak another language also increase their chances of visiting new places that monolingual travelers cannot do. They speak to the native people and get more advice on how to make their trips more exciting.

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10 reasons why you should immediately study another language

Access To The World’s Knowledge

Even though there are thousands of books being translating among languages, however, the experience when reading in their original language is completely different. Thus, there are still a lot of books hasn’t been translated.

You, Will, Become More Confident

By learning a new language, the learner has to overcome their fear of being judged to speak up, to practice the language every day. This becomes a habit in their everyday life as well.

10 reasons why you should immediately study another language

Embracing Linguistic

Do you know that one language dies every 14 days and at the end of this century, 7000 languages are expected to be extinct? How sad it is to see a lost language, a lost culture. Even though due to the globalization, we become closer, we also lost a noticeable amount of culture. During human evolution, languages were developed helping people connected, shaped their cultures. Only by studying another language can help you to understand, engage, embrace and have actions toward this world’s huge loss.

Are there any other reasons make you want to study another language immediately? Tell us what do you think in the comment box below!

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