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8 Reasons Why You Need To Go To These Cocktail Bars In Newcastle

8 Reasons Why You Need To Go To These Cocktail Bars In Newcastle

Love cocktails? These are the best cocktail bars in Newcastle that have every cocktail imaginable! You can't go wrong with a drink at one of these destinations!

There’s no better way to waste your student loan and precious revision time than in a cocktail bar. Fancy drinks, fancy settings, and a proper catch-up and moan about 9 am’s and deadlines. So where do you go for this sacred event? Here are the best cocktail bars in Newcastle to destress

1. Botanist

Trees, fairy lights, heated terrace with a stunning view of the city- the Botanist is the place to go. The cocktails are fancy as hell but come at the expected, horrifying price of a cocktail. Reserve this for a reallllly special occasion.

2. 97 & Social

97 & Social is completely aware of it’s setting in Jesmond- surrounded by students. Brill cocktails, cosy interior, and friendly staff- and with two for one on the reg, you’ve got to give it a whirl.


3. No 28

This is one of Newcastle’s not so secret secrets. A cocktail bar serving the absolute best of drinks by talented bartenders, that goes on until late. It shuts at the same time as clubs across the city, giving you the perfect opportunity to turn ‘classy cocktails’ into a messy night out.

4. Tiger Hornsby

Sophisticated cocktails on the Quayside sound good? How about with DJ sets and late night dancing? Even better. Plus, Tiger Hornsby adapt their menu every 2 weeks, so there’s always something new to try.

5. Mr Lynch

Jesmond’s second mentionable name, Mr Lynch, is a favourite for cooler crowds, constantly hosting unique events within it perfectly cosy interior. If you like cocktails and chill, this is the one to go for.

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6. Lola Jeans

For a standard cocktail bar, Lola Jeans is something else. Exposed brick, mismatched furniture, and wall-length murals. Your insta will never have looked so good.

7. Jam Jar

2 for 1 Monday through to Thursday (drinks during uni? okay), and totally understated menu, Jam Jar knows how to do cocktails. And they put them in literal jam jars, so we’re on board with that.


8. Turtle Bay

We wish we could go on holiday, but unfortunately, we’ve got to wait around for exams, so Turtle Bay will have to do. Inspired by the Carribean beaches, they specialise in rum cocktails, and you can grab them 2 for 1 all day every day (except 7-10).

What do you think of these cocktail bars in Newcastle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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