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5 Reasons Why Vienna Should Be Any Foodie’s Next City Break

5 Reasons Why Vienna Should Be Any Foodie’s Next City Break

Reasons Why Vienna Should Be Any Foodie's Next City Break

There are a million and one places that every foodie will have on their list of places they have to go and taste, but Vienna should be on the very top of that list and let us tell you why with these 5 reasons why Vienna should be any foodie’s next city break. After reading this, you’ll be booking yourself a plane ticket there.

1. Austrian Wine

Only a fact known by true wine lovers from around the world, but Vienna is the wine capital of Austria, which has been known to harvest grapes from as early as 1132 AD. Vienna is proud to serve their country’s wine in bars and restaurants throughout the city. You can even pick up a bottle in a local supermarket averaging at a couple of euros per bottle, depending on what wine you buy. Vienna also is home to a wine club for locals who pay to have their own shared wine cellar and a cool, sophisticated apartment/function room to host guests. Some members hold tours and wine tastings through Airbnb which is a great way to have a little taste of everything the city has to offer.

2. Traditional Austrian Food

Austria is located in the centre of Europe, lodged between Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Hungry, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, meaning that while Austria do have some of their own traditions, they also take a lot of influence from other surrounding countries and merging them into their own culture. Traditional Austrian food such as various types of schnitzel, goulash, strudel’s, and tafelspitz (which is meat boiled in broth with veg) will be served at most restaurants in Vienna but will also offer various other dishes that we’re more accustomed to in the UK.


3. Take Away Options

If you don’t feel like going out to eat while spending some time in Vienna then that’s not a problem! A lot of places in Europe don’t have the same kind of food delivery options that we have in the UK or US but Vienna is an exception to this, there are hundreds of different options to choose from if you order through UberEats, even desserts and bottles of wine can be ordered and delivered straight to your door. All the places I ordered from in Vienna were delicious and delivered very quick.

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4. Patisseries

Another thing that you may not have known is that Vienna is famous for its patisseries or otherwise called pastries. There are loads of people coffee shops that display their dainty pastries on the windows, enticing you in to give one a try. If you go into the city centre, just a five minute walk from the Beethoven Museum, then you will come across Café Landtmann, a high-class bistro which is great for celebrity spotting that has over 150 pastry chef’s working in the kitchens to create their beautiful and delicious works of art.


5. Higher Quality

One thing to note before you visit Austria is that all of the bars, restaurants, and cafes is that they are all of a much higher quality than they normally are here in the United Kingdom and with a higher quality, comes a higher price so be prepared to spend a little extra than you normally would. That said, you will find that you won’t mind spending a little more money than you usually would because the food, drink, and service you will receive while dining out in Vienna will be worth what you pay.

Will you be visiting Vienna to try the local food? Or have you already been? Let us know in the comments!

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