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20 Reasons Why Ulster University At Coleraine Is The Best

20 Reasons Why Ulster University At Coleraine Is The Best

Going to school in Coleraine Ireland is an amazing experiece! Here are some reasons why Ulster University at Coleraine is the absolute best uni to go to!

Applying for Ulster University at Coleraine was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Here are just a few points detailing what’s so great about going to school in Coleraine! Below are 20 reasons why Ulster University at Coleraine is the absolute best!

1. Look at this amazing building.

Coleraine University is one great, big building, but split into different Blocks. Everywhere in the Uni is so modern, and the brand-new I Block is so glossy!

2.  It has everything you need inside the building.

Literally inside the main building it is like a mini village! A Spar, stationary shop, cafe and hairdressers, what more could you ask for?


3. Did I mention it also has a leisure centre?

With a new, modern leisure centre opening right beside Halls, it has everything you need- from a fully-equipped gym to football pitches. There’s even a sauna in the changing rooms!

4. And a great library?

Rows and rows of books, what else does a book-obsessed eejit need? There’s also free wifi in the library and across the whole uni, so I understand why a lot of people stay in the library and ICT suites at all hours…

5. Halls are right beside the uni.

It takes just two minutes to walk from Halls to the uni, which is so handy. The Halls are really nice as well.


6. Where things like this happen…

Had to do a double-take when I looked out my kitchen window the morning after Anchor…

7. Free wifi anyone?

The Halls have free wifi as well, so I’m definitely not complaining!

8. There’s a garden on the Uni grounds.

You don’t have to travel far from the Uni to see a stunning bit of the environment.


9. And a theatre.

The Riverside Theatre is situated at the back of the campus, beside the Students’ Union. But it isn’t just student performances, well-known comedians also come here to perform like John Bishop!

10. And we get to see this everyday.

Who could beat a view like this?

11. We’re really close to the North Coast.

We’re half an hour walking distance from Coleraine town centre, and ten minutes away from the beautiful North Coast.


12. Where you get to visit places like this.

There’s so many landmarks to see around the North Coast, such as the beautiful Musseden Temple, Dunluce Castle and many more.

13. And this.

We also have lovely beaches around the North Coast that everyone should be jealous of.

14. Made handier by regular buses.

There are regular bus services from the University if it’s just for you to travel the short distance into town, or to get home to Omagh.


15. And trains.

For those shopping trips to Belfast, who wouldn’t want to hop on and off a train right on the doorstep of the Uni? (Literally.)

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16. Take-away is so close.

Is there a better feeling when your take-away arrives earlier than it said it would? We have everything from your usual Domino’s, to Chinese (Jimmy’s House is wonderful, heart emoji.)


17. There’s good food in the Students’ Union as well.

We don’t just have a mini village, we have a cafeteria and another restaurant in the Students’ Union which has great deals on food and drink.

18. And the uni cares for the environment.

I think the wind turbine makes the Uni look even better!

19. There’s lots of places to go out.

With Anchor open Tuesday night and Kelly’s on Wednesday night (and those are just the ones I’ve been to,) it’s great way to get to know more people and to have a good time.


20. Even the weather knows that it’s great to go to Ulster University.

Coleraine feels like home and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Who could beat this?

Do you have any more reasons Why Ulster University at Coleraine Is The Absolute Best? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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