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10 Reasons Why Travelling With Your SO Is The Best Thing You Can Do Together

10 Reasons Why Travelling With Your SO Is The Best Thing You Can Do Together

Travelling is so great, but what better than to do it with the person you love? Here are 10 reasons why travelling with your SO is the best thing ever.

Seeing the world and the things that you always wanted to do is absolutely amazing and on the bucket list of many!  But who wouldn’t want to do it with the person you love more than anything in the world?  Here 10 reasons why travelling with your SO is the best thing you can do together.

1. You’ll never get lonely

Many people say that travelling alone can be great but also that it can be a lonely experience.  In places that you don’t know (maybe with languages that you don’t speak) it can be difficult to not feel alone.  Having someone to talk to means that you won’t get so lonely and you’re more likely to be confident in your travels.

2. You’ll feel safer

This isn’t to say that you’re significant other is your personal bodyguard, but the majority of horror stories you hear from travellers are from people who are alone.  People are less likely to harass or mess with you if you have someone else by your side.  Put simply: strength in numbers.


3. You will have someone to take pictures of you

This is very vain, I know.  However, let’s be real.  We all want some hot pics for the ‘gram from our gorgeous holiday, right?  This way you don’t need to beg strangers, but have your lovely partner take them for you.  Plus you have someone to take selfies with!

4. You have someone to share all of your insane experiences with

You can never make someone feel how amazing experiences really were.  No matter how well you describe things they can’t walk the Great Wall of China or go surfing in Australia.  We all want someone to reminisce our best memories with, so your SO can be that person for you!

5. It makes you closer

You’re seeing each other at your most-jetlagged, hungry, and poor.  You’re going to learn how to help each other through some of the hard times that you’ve never been through together before.


6. It can show you any issues in the relationship

That little habit of your SO that you hate?  You might realise how much it doesn’t matter or how much it does, and you’re trapped together for months!  So you work through it and you’ll probably come out closer than ever before.

7. You’re more adventurous

You can encourage each other to do the things that you’re too scared to do on your own.  It’s much easier to go down that massive zip wire if you’ve got the person you love helping you through it and who is also going to do it.

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8. You might save money between you

If you go together you can share a room and food and get those 2-4-1 deals.  You may not save much, but if you’re savvy and sensible you can get the best of both worlds!  Going with the person you love and also saving money?  Fabulous.

9. You’ll make new friends together

Because you’ll probably feel safer together and subsequently will be more extroverted and talk to others.  You can meet new friends from all different countries and cultures and will make friends that will last forever.

10. Your family will be less worried about you

My family would be worried about my safety if I started travelling solo, because who would look after me if something went wrong?  Who would tell my family?  As I said earlier, safety in numbers isn’t just reassuring for you but also for your family and loved ones.


Have you ever been travelling with your significant other or are you planning to?  Let us know why you decided to do so down below!

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