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15 Reasons Why Skin Care Is Important

15 Reasons Why Skin Care Is Important

Keeping up with your daily skin care routine can sometimes feel like a chore. Here are some important tips and benefits of skin care everyone needs to know about!

Maintaining a healthy skin care routine proves to be more difficult than expected, right? Well, the journey to healthy looking skin also has it’s benefits. Here is the ultimate breakdown of why it is so important in keeping up that daily routine to achieve the nourishing glow that everyone talks about!

1. The Skin Is Your Body’s No 1 Barrier!

Think of your skin as the barrier that is protecting you from all outside toxic elements such as pollution, chemicals, dirt, etc. This is why it is extremely important to keep this barrier clean and hydrated so as it is on top form in fighting those external threats!

2. Cleansing Your Skin

Cleansing your skin correctly is the main method in removing dirt and dead skin cells. It is important for the skin to be cleansed every morning and every night in order to leave your skin feeling refreshed!


There are hundreds of skin cleansing products in stores to suit all skin types, just experiment until you find your perfect match!

3. Exfoliating

It is just as important to exfoliate your skin as well as cleanse. Exfoliating the skin removes impurities and excess cells which may have clogged, causing a build up of bacteria. Exfoliating therefore helps in the method of uncovering new skin cells, giving you fresh, dirt-free skin.

4. Toning

Using a toner and freshener for the skin also has it’s benefits in keeping skin nice and clean! Toning products improve hydration and work on replacing the skin’s vitamins and nutrients, which are essential in keeping your skin healthy! This therefore reduces the effects of skin dryness, and helps with wrinkles.


5. Moisturising

Moisturising is one of the most beneficial processes in maintaining the skins natural balance and preventing the risks of skin problems. With it being important to keep a healthy balance of nutrients and hydration in your skin, it is essential the moisturiser you use suits your skin in relation to dryness and oiliness.

Again, there are hundreds of moisturising products and brands in store to suit all skin types!

6. Day Time Moisture

It is important to moisturise both in the morning and at night time. Using a lightweight moisturiser in the daytime provides the skin with an even balance and is more beneficial for under make up use.


7. Night Time Moisture

A heavier moisturiser for night time use is more beneficial to the skin as this is the prime time for the skin to repair. A thicker consistency provides more hydration overnight, as it has more time to absorb and resolve dryness.

8. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the main antioxidant formulas in moisturising, cleansing and softening the skin!

Interesting Fact: Using products with Vitamin E is a little trick which can help reduce the appearance of scars!


9. SPF Protection

SPF Protection is extremely important in protecting the skin from UV Rays, sunburn & discolouration and skin cancer. SPF Protection also enhances the skins moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and reduces development of fine lines.

Luckily most moisturisers now include SPF Protection!

10. Nobody Likes A Breakout!

Maintaining healthy, cleansed skin also prevents breakouts and spots! One of the most important techniques in preventing breakouts is washing daily, getting rid of all the skins impurities.

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11. Anti-Ageing

The earlier you care for your skin, the better. Skin care has long term effects and has proven to reduce signs of ageing, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles!

There are now many skin care products, cleansers and moisturisers with the main purpose being anti-ageing formula’s!


12. Looking Good!

Maintaining good skin care helps give your skin a radiant glow as well as supporting the process of natural beauty when ageing.

13. Confidence.

It is extremely important in keeping up with skin care in relation to the positive effects on mentality. Healthy looking skin impacts on your confidence and self-esteem!

By maintaining your daily skin care, it is increasing your bodies intake of vitamins and nutrients, improving and developing new nourishing skin cells, giving you the confidence boost you need!


14. Money Saving!

Who would have thought looking after your skin could save you money in the long run? Skin care can help in preventing future needs for cosmetic surgery in getting rid of issues such as skin discolouration, wrinkles and scars! So keep up the good work and think of the money you’re saving!

15. Keep That Routine Going!

The best way to keep up with good effective skin care, is to maintain a cleansing and moisturising routine. Try out new products! Experiment with what works for you, and maintain that healthy glow, helping the skin age naturally and beautifully!

What do you think are the best cleansing and moisturising products for all round healthy skin care? Share your favourite ones in the comments!

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