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20 Reasons Why Royal Holloway Is The Best School On Earth

20 Reasons Why Royal Holloway Is The Best School On Earth

Royal Holloway is one of the best schools that you can go to, and there are plenty of reasons why! Here's what makes it the best uni around!

Everyone believes the university they attend is the best one on earth. Who doesn’t love all the little quirks and specialties of their university that makes it special? I bet you can rattle off an endless number of things that you love about the university you go to. Royal Holloway is no exception, and here is why it is the best school on earth.

1. Voted most beautiful university campus in England

Going to school every day on a campus that has been voted the most beautiful university campus in England is definitely a perk that makes Royal Holloway the best school on earth. Rich with lush greenery, perfect for outdoor picnics and study break strolls, the university’s grounds is honestly one that takes your breath away.


2. Founder’s Building

The iconic Founder’s Building that is the heart and soul of Royal Holloway is definitely an architectural structure that you will marvel at. Undoubtedly a highlight of the university campus, this beautiful castle will surely be the highlight of walking to your 9AM classes.

3. Proximity to London

Royal Holloway may be located in the small, quiet town of Egham, but central London is just  quick train ride away. If you want to get away from the uneventfulness of Egham, just head to the train station and spend a day in London. One of the reasons why Royal Holloway is the best school is because you can head to London for a dose of city life, and leave the bustle of the city coming home.

4. Pop by to Windsor Castle

Another perk of Royal Holloway’s location is that it’s located right by Windsor. Do a quick drive by, or make a a day out of it by visiting the old historic town of Windsor. See where Harry and Meaghan got married, take a tour of the castle, and get some shopping done on the High Street.


5. Deer sightings

The lush greenery that makes up a considerable amount of the campus grounds means that there are occasional deer sightings on campus. So take your chance to explore the campus and walk around it, you never know when you might spot a deer. Yet another reason Royal Holloway is the best school on earth.

6. The Magna Carta

Attending Royal Holloway also means that you go to school right by the site where the Magna Carta was signed. Visit the Magna Carta monument that is nestled in the epic park that is also the perfect place for a morning jog. Soak up some sunshine and learn a little about the history of human rights.

7. Emily Wilding Davidson Library

The newest instalment on campus is the shiny Emily Wilding Davidson Library right in the centre of campus. This building has state of the art facilities and the perfect range of comfy chairs to computer desks that promises to be the best place to get the most work done.


8. Weekly exercise classes

Another reason why Royal Holloway is the best school is because it holds a plethora of weekly exercise classes. If you are sick of going to the gym, or just not a fan of exercising alone, these professionally led classes are fun, different, and intense.

9. Cheap rent

As students, we are all collectively broke and have very little amounts of money to use. The cheap rent around Royal Holloway makes it another great reason it is the best school on earth. For those moving up to second year and looking for student houses to rent, paying for it won’t break your bank and drive up your student loans.

10. Founder’s library

This beautiful gem of a library nestled away in Founder’s Building really lives up to the building’s reputation. True to its outside, the inside is just as breathtaking. Fancy studying in a Harry Potter-esque surrounding? This place is classic, beautiful, and regal.


11. Air Force Memorial

Yet another historical sight near the university of Royal Holloway, this monument is also a great site to visit for an amazing view on the roof of the building overlooking all of London. It is also a great way to pay respects to those who were part of the Royal Air Force.

12. Local Pubs

The abundance of local pubs surrounding Royal Holloway is yet another reason why this university is the best school on earth. Whether you like to grab a pint with your friends, or whether you like a piping hot plate of delicious pub food, the pubs are amazing.

13. Founder’s clock tower

Attending Royal Holloway means that you have grown used to the majestic sounds of the Founder’s clock tower’s hourly ringing. Just when you thought the Founder’s building couldn’t get any better, the beautiful ringing of the clock tower adds to the why Royal Holloway is the best school on earth.


14. Welcome week

Every university has it’s own version of welcome week at the beginning of the year. But Royal Holloway’s welcome week is filled with activities and parties that will ensure that you will meet plenty of new friends. Whether you like alcohol, or having a movie night in, Royal Holloway’s welcome week has got something for you.

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15. Bar 163

The food at Bar 163 is definitely a reason why Royal Holloway is the best school on earth. Head down to Egham High Street for brunch at this quant cafe that makes extremely delicious comfort food. Whether you love a bowl of steaming pasta, or a great stack of sandwiches, this is the place I promise you’ll love.

16. Walk to school

Living near Royal Holloway and attending uni there means that you don’t have to worry about transport because school is just walking distance from wherever you might live. Adding this small walk to your morning routine is incredibly refreshing, a great way to get some cardio in, and a great way to save money.

17. Annual Steam Fair

The annual Steam Fair held on Englefield Green is a treat to attend. Who doesn’t love the smell of sugar doughnuts, popcorn, carnival rides, and fireworks? This once a year treat is definitely one of the things that makes Royal Holloway’s the best school on earth.


18. Daily food vendors on campus

Royal Holloway brings delicious food vendors to you right on campus. If you are sick of meal deals and canteen food, pop by the SU for some amazing food that are brought to you by food vendors, the choices are endless. Who doesn’t think that a school that brings food directly to you is the best school?

19. Crosslands

This comfy snug little bar and cafe tuned away in Founder’s is a great place for a place to rest and chill out on a busy day. If you are sick of the library, this place can be a great place to sit down to get some work done, or even if you just want somewhere comfortable to relax with your friends, this is a great place to shoot some pool and grab a bite.

20. Societies and Volunteering

Royal Holloway is not only a great university that excels in its academics, the number of extra curriculars they offer is also one of the things that makes them undeniably the best. Whether you are into dancing, role-playing, shooting nerf guns, or helping out at a primary school, they have got something for you.

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