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10 Reasons Why Having A Sex Free Lifestyle Is A Good Idea

10 Reasons Why Having A Sex Free Lifestyle Is A Good Idea

A sex free lifestyle is a hard one to achieve for some people. Here are the benefits of going sex free and why having no sex might be helpful for you.

It’s near the time for New Year resolutions, the dreaded promise to change just one small aspect of yourself and probably give up by February. No worries however as here’s a new suggestion rather than a miserable diet or deciding to travel, instead why not opt for a more sexual gratifying objection, e.g give up sex and focus on you. After all what do you have to lose and this is one to recommend. Here’s why having a sex free lifestyle for a year is a good idea.

1. Improves your mental health

Metal health is important not only for you but it can learn to affect those around you also. By focusing on staying positive and letting sex remain out of your mind is not only great for your mental health but this in turn can improve your wellbeing so life can be not only happier but it can change the way you even look at life. It seems such a long shot that indirectly by giving up sex but it’s easy to see why, sex carries a lot of emotional baggage and this tends to amount to complications, and lets be hones overthinking. So by giving all this up you’re really giving yourself some breathing space and clearing your mind. An alternative is to focus on something positive like mindfulness or meditation, give it a try and you’ll begin to see the smallest of differences.

2. The focus is on you

Its not selfish to say they you are number one and you are the main focus in life. By giving up sex you are giving up the passion with another, the time and focus then shifts to you and you once again are on top! By focusing on yourself you have more time to understand you as an individuals and what you want out of life.

3. Sex isn’t everything

Sex, yes we enjoy it all but really its not for everyone at every time. Sometimes the focus on needing it or wanting to have such a sex fulfilled life can not only distracting  but the increased pressure can really put some things into perspective. By taking the focus away from the pressure of needing to have sex, especially In your 20s can actually alleviate stress in other ways such as focusing on relationships on general as there is a difficult way of establish this in the modern age but also possibly other perspectives such as a good career? Either way by telling yourself sex isn’t everything maybe you’ll make yourself that bit more relaxed, give it a try this new year.


4. Use your time more productively e.g write a book/ new hair etc, hobbies

Sex does take up a lot of time, not just doing it but actually planning and thinking about it in general. Try taking up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try such a simple reading, writing a book or poem, something simple. Even go as far as sporting events such as horseback riding, something peaceful or extreme. These simple things can give you more ways to spend your time productively for yourself. As its important to have hobbies for yourself because how are you meant to have a ore fulfilling life but also focus on what you may or may not enjoy.

5. Makeover yourself e.g hair nails, new outlook.

A makeover has the potential to give yourself such a confidence boot for leaps and bounds. Simple ways of altering yourself don’t have to be extreme but something to suit yourself. Treat yourself to a makeover to give you a new outlook on life and its all about creating a new positive way for yourself. It can create a new youthful character who loves themselves. How this relates to sex means that you are in control of yourself and your focus on a  makeover means that you take yourself seriously which appears that you are wonderful.

6. Save your money

Sometimes sex is a costly venture when you really go full at it. Lets be honest whether its solo or with a partner, toys or condoms or lubricant, sex is actually expensive. So why not save yourself the money, hassle and even (if you are a woman) birth control, then these are all costly stresses you don’t need. Imagine the freedom and the thankfulness of your bank balance from this saving.

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7. Travel of your comfort zone

Travelling is something you feel that you should do at some point in your life, so there may come a time when something may occur in your life to take up this decision. For myself it was a sex related issue and now I travel and live abroad. Sex isn’t something when you travel that you would wish to particulate in, instead you focus on more important aspects. Travels gives you a ore freefall nature and by giving up sex along the way you come undone in other ways.

8. The career of a lifetime

Focusing on a career is something that can replace sex, easy enough said but its actually harder than you think. Giving up sex is actually amazing and this way a career more focused is a career that will enhance you and pay well, so time to reap in the benefits. In time the whole ‘giving up sex’ attitude wont make you crazy it will give you time to focus and be more determined. Having a sex free lifestyle will get you to focus.

9. Lack of orgasm

If you lack the experience of the big ‘O’ then why would you continue with a pathetic sex life. In reality many woman (and some men) may not even receive much pleasure from any sex so why continue to waste valuable energy on an act that would just drain you mentally and physically when this spent energy could be exhibited elsewhere. Sex without an orgasm is a pizza without cheese, its just plain bread. At least having a sex free lifestyle would help you not worry about it.

10. It may be simple depression

Depression is one of the biggest killers, in life and in relationships, especially when sex is involved. It may be lack of enthusiasm some may say but there is no cure or way through the phrase of depression. It’s a serious matter and shouldn’t be taken lightly however sex may be a huge contributing factor that can affect our lifestyles when it involves depression. The mood killer and sex doesn’t cure all by doing it but it can alleviate he stresses when its removed. Having a sex free lifestyle could force you to tune into your raw emotions.

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