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10 Reasons Why A Media Degree Is Totally Worth It

10 Reasons Why A Media Degree Is Totally Worth It

Do you ever wonder what you can do with a media degree? Well, we are here to tell you that this degree is totally worth it! There are so many careers and avenues to take. Here's why you should get one!

Media studies get brushed aside A LOT as a ‘Mickey Mouse’ subject, and definitely not one worth £9,000 a year. But tbh, the criticisms tend to come from people with no experience of the degree- there are actually plenty of reasons to take on a media degree at university. Here are a few:

1. Variety of career prospects

There are a ton of jobs out there that a media degree would help you get. From journalism to PR to multimedia specialist, there are so many options for where the subject could take you because the content is so broad.

2. Could work for a huge company

Most companies have PR, marketing and social media teams, all eager to pick up fresh graduates, which means you could end up working for the likes of Disney, BMW or Apple. And you’ll get all the benefits.


3. Fun content

You get to spend 3 years learning about things you actually care about. Pop culture, celebrities, and news all have theories behind them that you won’t have realised you needed to know. There might be a lecture on Beyonce, but I can’t promise you anything.

4. An increased interest in culture

One of the main skills you are taught is critical analysis- looking in depth at sides of arguments and conversations, and this will seriously make you interested in what’s going on around you. You didn’t care about political propaganda before? You will now.

5. Course freedom

Most uni’s will give you the opportunity to seek out what you’re interested in and learn and write about that. You can write essays on your fave supermodel whilst your flatmate is writing about chemical compounds.


6. Applicable to jobs

The practical work you might do will really help you out when you bag that first job. Your ready-made know-how on blogging, video editing and production processes could be a huge advantage in certain jobs.

7. Trial and error

If you know you want to work within the media, but not sure about which sector, this can be the perfect opportunity to figure it out. Modules can cover journalism, PR, magazine publishing and loads of other interesting stuff to help you work out what you really fancy doing.

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8. Huge employment rate

Around 90% of media studies grads tend to be employed or in further study 6 months after finishing their third year, so if you thought the subject wasn’t rated by employers, you’d be wrong.

9. Contemporary subject

There are very little subjects more exciting than studying the society you live in. Lectures can change based on the latest news scandal or Twitter trend, so it’s very hard to get bored halfway through a semester.

10. You will feel like you’ve learnt something

There would be nothing worse than racking up £30,000 worth of debt and feeling like you’re no smarter than you were before, but media studies will not have you feeling that way. You will have a way greater understanding of culture (and hopefully a job to start paying back that student loan).


Would you get a media degree? Let us know in the comment section below!

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