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10 Reasons Used College Textbooks Are Better

10 Reasons Used College Textbooks Are Better

College textbooks can be extremely costly, so why not get a used one? Here are 10 Reasons Used College Textbooks Are Better.

IT’s coming around to that time of year again. Your either starting or going back to college. That means you’re going to be starting classes and where there’s classes, there’s textbooks. Textbooks are obviously necessary to do work assigned to you, but they can be expensive, with some even costing upwards of ¬£100. One way to go to save yourself a bit of stress and a lot of money is to buy used college textbooks. You might be thinking that buying someone else’s used college textbooks isn’t for you, but here are 10 reasons why used college textbooks are better.

1. They’re cheaper

Buying used college textbooks is going to save you a lot of money in the long run, especially when you take into consideration how many you’re going to have to buy. Used college textbooks are often sold both in book stores on and off campus and online, so shop around for the best deal first!

2. Used doesn’t mean useless

Just because your textbook is used it doesn’t mean that it is useless. I mean sure, if it’s going some pages missing then it’s not going to be worth having. But if all of the pages are intact, then who cares about a worn front or a couple of dog-eared pages. Having a pretty textbook isn’t going to affect your performance.


3. A free gift

If anything having used college textbooks is a blessing rather than a curse. Chances are your textbook with have some highlighting of key passage or maybe even some annotations. Sure what’s written might mean nothing to you, but it also might help you out a bit and save you a hell of a lot of time!

4. They can help you save

Buying used college textbooks and saving money means that you can put all the money you’ve saved towards something else. Want a weekend away, a new pair of shoes, or something more than plain noodles for dinner? Buying used college textbooks will help you achieve that!

5. You’re not losing anything

You might think that by buying used college textbooks, you’re going to lose money when you try to sell it back at the end of the year. But, even if you sold a textbook you bought new, it’s still used to someone else. So by selling back a used textbook, you’re not really losing much, if anything.


6. Fast shipping

If you’re a student living on or near campus, then chances are the person selling you the textbook is going to live close by. So, that means fast and cheap shipping for you!

7. It’s better for the environment

Buying used college textbooks is the same as buying clothes from, say, Depop or a charity shop, it’s more sustainable as they’re getting more use out of them. Who wouldn’t want to do something so simple to help to save the planet.

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8. You’re not wasting money

We all know how it goes, sometimes you’re recommended or even told to buy a certain textbook, and then it turns out that you either don’t use it at all or it’s only just for one assignment. Buying used college textbooks means that you’re not spending nearly as much money on a book you’ll barely use than someone who bought it new. So it stings a little less.

9. Overcoming a problem

Sometimes you just don’t have time (or you just forget) to go out and buy your textbooks. This is where used college textbooks are great. If you go to the bookstore or look online and the one textbook you need is out of stock, there will always be someone willing to sell you a used one, and you’re getting it for a better price than someone who bought it new.

10. Used doesn’t mean dirty

Just because you’re textbooks are used, it by no means it means that they’re dirty. If someone has spent an extortionate amount of money on their textbook, they’re not going to let it get dirty!


What do you think about buying used college textbooks? Let us know in the comments below!

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