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10 Reasons UK Clubbing Is Unbeatable For Brits

10 Reasons UK Clubbing Is Unbeatable For Brits

Everyone knows that the British like to drink, but what makes UK clubbing so special? When we party abroad, it just doesn’t compare – we find ourselves craving those familiar nights out back home…

1. Pre-drinks

Often the best part of the night, this integral aspect of UK clubbing is filled with elaborate drinking games, crazy antics and our own choice of music. The night out hype is created at pres.


2. We go out in all weathers

Whether it’s raining, snowing, gale-force winds, bitterly cold or any other type of extreme UK weather, we’re not phased. This is unlike other European countries where cold temperatures and rain keep people indoors and cut the party vibe. Brits view adverse weather conditions as a challenge, feeling a great sense of achievement when they conquer a night on the town in such conditions.

3. The hilarious taxi rides

We apparently lose all our inhibitions after substantial alcohol consumption and think we are best friends with the taxi driver (or that they’re our therapist). UK taxi drivers tend to humour us and therefore provide us with an entertaining journey to the club, keeping the hype alive. When facing a communication barrier abroad, our drunken over-sharing isn’t so well received…


4. The queues

Stereotypically British, the night out wouldn’t be the same without long entry and toilet queues. One of the most British sights you’ll ever see is people stood in a club queue moaning about the weather…but the torturous wait only makes getting in so much more worth it!

5. The music

One of the biggest reasons UK clubbing is unbeatable for Brits is the cheesy tunes. If, like me, old school bangers and iconic anthems make you sing at the top of your voice and dance with an alcohol-fuelled enthusiasm, no other country will ever be able to compete. When you know the words to every single song played and wake up the next morning with a barely audible voice, you can rest assured it was a great night (whether you remember it or not!).


6. Making new best friends in the toilets

Brits are known for being reserved and not the most sociable nation, but this could not be more untrue when it comes to drunken girls in club toilets. Entering a toilet cubicle with a girl you’ve just met, sharing your perfume, assisting with lipstick reapplication or offering boy advice are all normal occurrences inside the girls bathroom.

7. The sense of loyalty

We lose count of the amount of times we go to the same club, yet we never get bored. Once we give our heart to a club, it takes a lot for us to abandon or replace it, as it’s given us so many amazing memories. Nobody needs to ask the question, so where are we going tonight? Because the destination has become an unwritten rule.


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8. Club photos

You can find club photographers in abundance in the UK, an aspect of clubbing that’s seemingly not so popular outside of our island. Grabbing the group together before the fleeting camera disappears is a customary part of the night and discovering them on social media the next day is always a surprise…But the memory has been captured for you to reminisce over in years to come.


9. The clubs close at 3am

Although the rest of Europe are appalled by this early closure, it’s the British way – out at 11, home by 3. These extra hours of sleep are what enable us to get up and go to class/work the next day, unlike going to sleep at sunrise and losing the entirety of the following day…


10. The post-night out food

First of all, there are a lot more options available at 3am as opposed to 6am when it comes to the post-night out munchies. The sight of a closed McDonald’s is enough to reduce you to tears at the end of the night, so thankfully, UK clubbing has it all planned out – ensuring that our bellies are filled with a greasy burger, kebab, chips, or whatever your junk food of choice. And secondly, I don’t think you will find cheesy chips and gravy anywhere else in the world!

What do you think of UK clubbing? Comment you favourite aspect below!